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RetroidJS is an experiment in which we took several Javascript MVC frameworks to the test, in attempt to try and figure out which ones are the best to work with.

Current list of participating frameworks:

The RetroidJS app is a simulator of the awesome Retroid!. In the simulator a participant can write a block of javascript code, that it's purpose is the manipulate the Retroid's LEDs. The user can submit his code for others to watch and vote on.

The app has 3 main parts:

  • AceEditor.
  • The Retroid.
  • A list of all the participating logics.

How to work with the Retroid server

Add a directory per framework. Initial code in vanilla dir.

SERVER: All urls return json and can be made to return jsonp by adding a callback param All calls return at the very least { ack: "success" || "failure" } All calls use get, not post -- returns all logics { objects: [logics] } -- returns the logic { object: [logic] } -- expect logic[author], logic[name], logic[code] params. returns { object: [newly created logic] } -- expects vote param (which should be 'up' or 'down'). returns { object: [updated logic] } -- deleted the logic. returns { deleted_object: [logic_id] }
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