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All the mods & mainline mods reactivated (Goats Mod Compilation)
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All the no mods All the no mods Feb 22, 2020
Obsolete mods added readmes and how to install, idk what happened with obsolete mods Feb 24, 2020
Removed removed a mod Feb 26, 2020
Unlesh The Mods removed vanila content Feb 26, 2020 Update Feb 18, 2020

V 0.0.7


PKs_Rebalancing (updated from respitory) Arcana Temperature Effects Overrides portable_cooler Morale Mods homemade_fungicide DinoMod Extended crazy_labs


Battletech SD_Magcrafting_Extension_Realguns Camping mod (needs testing not sure if values are fine) Locked Lockers (needs testing not sure if values are fine) Machine Make a lot of items Marcus Oa additional buildings mod Prepper Cache Randomized mall TCW_BOX (Fixed and translated to English) Whales tall buildings Trailer park mod Tekitoumap Water Tower Shards Stuff Road Warrior Mod (still throughs up cant be installed errors but works) Alchemic bomb Bionic recipes Gel walls Bioco Content RF Food Keeper Pora compilation The Cool mod (havent tested the cooler see what its max volume is accurate" Convenient Construction Window door frame Wildliving Modular_Turrets_no_blacklist (has items unknown error) SD_Winterclothes


Added Mods

3x_Healing Ammo Boxes Anesthesia Crafting Anti fungal Gears Basement extension Battle Maid Redux Bayonet Mod Broken Admins Makeshift Items CBM arms Climate defying farming Food Preservation by irradiation Cloth Rollmat Crazy pets Crused Thighs (quivers) Dual Wield Dumb Sabaton memes Egg + Egg Plant combo seed Mod Even More Mutations Flour ModIncinerator Kingsman Umbrella gun Large Capacity Storage CBMs Lean Lightsaber Mod Agent bandits Mod Nimians Manufacture Makeshift canteen Materials Plants Metal Elemental Misc Gear Gunslinger Mod Mo Creations Mo Insects Mo Monsters Mo Vehicles Modern weapons pack Expanded More Survivor Notes More Armor More Military More Tea Leaf Mutant insects PK Unofficial patch NBC items Pack 09.2 Oa early game mutations Mod Odds N Ends Offal Sausage Old Healing Pipe-revolver-rifles Pistol crossbow (hybrid crossbow) Pixels fuckery Pizza Delivery Power armor Additions Pressure weapons Psychiclym Recruitment Options Reds odd Additions Sarcophagi Access Shrub it Off Soy Mod Stats are bullshit Summons Animals Survivor Crowbar Sirvivors lost item Tame bugs The Vermillon Mod Thershold Uekibati Mod Vorpal weaponsWith Extra Mushrooms Xenos SAS4 weapons Xtal ZsFixed CDDAXP

Mods that need colour updated

CBM Equipment Fallout New England hybrid corssbow kingsman Umbrella mod to grow tea leaves Modern Weapon Pack Expanded NBC Items pack 09.2 Pressure Weapons More Monsters Incinerator Battle Maid Redux Compatible Add Bandits Red's Odd Additions Rivtech Beam Swords Xeno's SAS4 Weapons Pack Compatible Nimian Manufacture guns Odds N Ends ZSFIXED_C:DDA Extra Professions & Gears Compatible Jury Rigged Robots

Removed Mods Pk Rebalancing

V0.0.5 updated fixed relistic fridge size mod now fridges hold 300l (300000ml)

V0.0.4 added Throwing Necropolis_findable Whaleys New Hair Mod cdda_medieval_mod BIM_JAKKER_BUCKETS cdda_ups_thermal-master Dorf_life

v0.0.3 added MST Extra Realistic_Fridge_Size (now works) AdvancedGear (now works) Civilianpowerarmor (only one power armor working) Mutant_Animals (now works)

updated Nechronica_Redux - still throughs up error MST Extra

V0.0.2 Mods that work but through up error Nechronica_Redux Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions

added Fallout-in-CDDA

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