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ZFS over iSCSI to FreeNAS API's from Proxmox VE
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TheGrandWazoo Update the FreeNAS-API related files to the latest Proxmox VE
- Updated apidoc.js.patch to reflect pve-docs: 5.4-2
- New apidoc-5.4-2_1.js.patch
- Updated pvemanagerlib.js.patch to reflect pve-manager: 5.4-5
- New pvemanagerlib-5.4-5_1.js.patch
- Updated to reflect libpve-storage-perl: 5.0-42
- New
- Revised the
Latest commit 16b3bd1 May 11, 2019

FreeNAS ZFS over iSCSI interface

Please be aware that this plugin uses the FreeNAS APIs and NOT the ssh/scp interface like the other plugins use, but...

You will still need to configure the SSH connector for listing the ZFS Pools because this is currently being done in a Proxmox module ( To configure this please follow the steps at that have to do with SSH between Proxmox VE and FreeNAS. The code segment should start out �mkdir /etc/pve/priv/zfs�.

I am currently in development to remove this depencancy from the so it is done in the

  1. Install the perl REST Client and git packages from the repository.

    apt-get install librest-client-perl git
  2. Issue the following (You can be in any directory you'd like but I use /root)

    git clone
  3. Next issue the following commands to patch the needed files for the FreeNAS Interface

    patch -b /usr/share/pve-manager/js/pvemanagerlib.js < pve-manager/js/pvemanagerlib.js.patch
    patch -b /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ < perl5/PVE/Storage/
    patch -b /usr/share/pve-docs/api-viewer/apidoc.js < pve-docs/api-viewer/apidoc.js.patch
  4. Use the following command to copy the needed file for the FreeNAS connector.

    cp perl5/PVE/Storage/LunCmd/ /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/LunCmd/
  5. Execute the following at a console command prompt to active the above

    systemctl restart pvedaemon
    systemctl restart pveproxy
    systemctl restart pvestatd
  6. Remember to follow the instructions mentioned above for the SSH keys.

  7. Refresh the Proxmox GUI in your browser to load the new Javascript code.

  8. Add your new FreeNAS ZFS-over-iSCSI storage using the FreeNAS-API.

  9. Thanks for your support.

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