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asm code


A java implementation of the FML machine which i have designed.

Basic Usage

Run the VFml class. Press Ctrl+Alt+A to Assemble and load a file. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to start the VM. Hold Ctrl+Alt+D to see debug information. Hold Ctrl+Alt+Q to pause the machine.

Short ISA description

Each instruction is a 16-bit word.
An instruction may have at most two arguments.
An instruction may carry up to two non registry arguments.
	These will be placed after the instruction in memory.
	In the case of only one non register argument this will be placed immediately after
	the instruction. In the case of two non registry arguments the first address after
	the instruction will be the first argument and the next will be the second.

####Instruction encoding bits: 0-3. These specify the second argument(a2) 4-7. These specify the first argument (a1) 8-11. These specify the operation to be done 12-15. These specify the action to be taken.

####Argument encodings: bits 0-1: 00. The stack 01. The X register 10. The Y register 11. a non-registry argument

bit 2:
	0.	Use argument as value
	1. 	Use argument as address

bit 3:
	0. Use argument
	1. Don't use argument *

####Operations: Operation Bits | Description ---------------|------------ 0 | NOP 1 | INC 2 | DEC 3 | ADD 4 | SUB 5 | MUL 6 | DIV 7 | MOD 8 | EQL 9 | GRT 10 | LES 11 | AND 12 | OOR 13 | XOR 14 | NOT 15 | SFT

####Actions: Action Bits | Description ---------------|------------ 0 | NOP 1 | JMP 2 | JSR 3 | RET 4 | SEQ 5 | SGR 6 | SLE 7 | JOO 8 | JOZ 9 | SOO 10 | SOZ 11 | HLT 12 | MOV 13 | SNE #####Explanations:

Menonic Description
NOP No Operation
MOV Move a1 to a2 (a2 != n or $n)
INC Increment a1
DEC Decrement a1
ADD s := a1
SUB s := a1 - a2
MUL s := a1 * a2
DIV s := a1 / a2
MOD s := a1 % a2
EQL s := a1 = a2
GRT s := a1 > a2
LES s := a1 < a2
AND s := a1 and a2
OOR s := a1 or a2
XOR s := a1 xor a2
NOT s := not a1
NOT (s := a1 << a2) if a2 < 0 otherwise (s := a1 >> -a2)
JMP Jump to a1
JSR Jump to subroutine at a1
RET Return from subroutine
SEQ Skip on a1 = a2
SNE Skip on a1 != a2
SGR Skip on a1 > a2
SLE Skip on a1 < a2
JOO Jump to a1 if s = 1
JOZ Jump to a1 if s = 0
SOO Jump to subroutine a1 if s = 1
SOZ Jump to subroutine a1 if s = 0
HLT Halt


Special charcters:
       \        Are considered comments and everything after this character will be ignored
       :       This is raw data entry. Its address will correspond to where in the code they appear
       <       Includes the file specified. Into the place where it was found.
       _       Are blanks and will be ignored. (not the same as spaces)

       @       Are pointers and they will be assigned an arbitrary address
       #       Are labels and their address will correspond to where in the code they are
       !       These are constants. The place where they are declared will not appear in the output

Pointer declarations can be augmented with a + and then a number. This reserves that many addresses after the address given to the pointer.
So @array+100 will allocate 99 addresses after the address given to the array pointer. This is used for handling arrays.