Newtonian n-body gravity simulator
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Harmony of the Spheres

Newtonian n-body gravity simulator

Run the App Locally

npm run dev

Create a Production Build

npm run build


npm run prettier


To Do List

  • Clean up the scene module
  • Develop an integrator with an adaptive time step
  • Create a particle system that will allow simulating planetary rings, galaxies and more
  • Add collisions (this point is subject to point 2 getting ticked off first)
  • Look into using web workers and or shaders to offload physics calculations from the main thread
  • Write a JPL Horizons client in Node to automate the fetching of orbital state vectors for Solar System scenarios
  • Add more scenarios!
  • Add controllable spacecraft that obey the laws of physics (at least things like thrust, attitude control and orbital insertion maneuvers)
  • Any cool ideas you might have!


Got some time to spare and feel like contributing to this project? Awesome! If you find a bug or want to submit a new feature, hit me up with a pull request and we'll take it from there.


Copyright (C) 2019 Darrell Huffman - GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3, 29 June 2007