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CGI/FastCGI Wrapper for nekoVM and the haxe cpp target
Haxe C++ Shell
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CGI/FastCGI Wrapper for nekoVM and the haxe cpp target

This project started as a proof of concept and worked pretty well for most of the users. It is not activily maintained anymore, but should still be usable.
The main intention behind this project was to get neko running behind a webserver other then Apache. Good news is, that tora now has a fgci mode which allows to run neko app behind any webserver that supports FastCGI. See this blog post for more information.


For more documentation visit the hxfcgi wiki page.

Differences to haxe Web API:

  • If you are using FastCGI you should use Web.cacheModule(), otherwise the module will be restarted after every request, which is quite slow.
  • If you are using CGI if does not matter if you use Web.cacheModule().
  • When setting cache with Web.cacheModule(run), run is called, don't call your run method after caching or it may run twice.
  • You need to print some data, when sending headers only, call Lib.print(''); after setting all headers.
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