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#!/usr/bin/env python
import ipaddress
import os
import re
from io import open
from time import sleep
import datetime as dt
import pytz
from dateutil.parser import parse
from cortexutils.analyzer import Analyzer
class FireholBlocklistsAnalyzer(Analyzer):
"""Analyzer that compares ips from TheHive to FireHOL ip blocking lists. Check them out under
` <>`_"""
def __init__(self):
# Get config parameters
self.path = self.get_param('config.blocklistpath', None, 'No path to blocklists provided.')
self.ignoreolderthandays = self.get_param('config.ignoreolderthandays', 365)
self.utc = pytz.UTC =
# Check if directory exists
if not os.path.exists(self.path):
os.mkdir(self.path, 0o0700)
# Downloading/updating the list is implemented with an external cronjob which git pulls the repo
# Read files in the given path and prepare file lists for ip- and netsets
files = os.listdir(self.path)
self.ipsets = []
self.netsets = []
for file in files:
if '.ipset' in file:
elif '.netset' in file:
def _check_ip(self, ip):
"""Here all the workload happens. Read the files, check if the ip is in there and report the results.
If the lock file is found, which gets created when lists are getting updated, the script starts to sleep 10
seconds before checking again. Also reads the source file date and checks, if its too old (ignoreolderthandays
:param ip: IP to search for.
:type ip: str
:returns: List of hits containing dictionaries.
:rtype: list
# hits will be the variable to store all matches
hits = []
description = {}
file_date = {}
# Check for lock
while os.path.isfile('{}/.lock'.format(self.path)):
# First: check the ipsets
for ipset in self.ipsets:
with open('{}/{}'.format(self.path, ipset)) as afile:
ipsetname = ipset.split('.')[0]
description.update({ipsetname: ''})
file_date.update({ipsetname: ''})
for l in afile:
if l[0] == '#':
# Check for date and break if too old
if '# Source File Date: ' in l:
datestr = re.sub('# Source File Date: ', '', l.rstrip('\n'))
date = parse(datestr)
file_date[ipsetname] = str(date)
if ( - date).days > self.ignoreolderthandays:
description[ipsetname] += re.sub(r'^\[.*\] \(.*\) [a-zA-Z0-9.\- ]*$', '', l.lstrip('# '))\
.replace('\n\n', '\n')
if ip in l:
# On match append to hits and break; next file!
hits.append({'list': ipsetname, 'description': description.get(ipsetname),
'file_date': file_date.get(ipsetname)})
# Second: check the netsets
for netset in self.netsets:
with open('{}/{}'.format(self.path, netset)) as afile:
netsetname = netset.split('.')[0]
description.update({netsetname: ''})
file_date.update({netsetname: ''})
for l in afile:
if l[0] == '#':
# Check for date and break if too old
if '# Source File Date: ' in l:
datestr = re.sub('# Source File Date: ', '', l.rstrip('\n'))
date = parse(datestr)
file_date[netsetname] = str(date)
if ( - date).days > self.ignoreolderthandays:
description[netsetname] += re.sub(r'^\[.*\] \(.*\) [a-zA-Z0-9.\- ]*$', '', l.lstrip('# '))\
.replace('\n\n', '\n')
if ipaddress.ip_address(ip) in ipaddress.ip_network(u'{}'.format(l.split('\n')[0])):
hits.append({'list': netsetname, 'description': description.get(netsetname),
'file_date': file_date.get(netsetname)})
except ValueError as e:
self.error('ValueError occured. Used values: ipnetwork {}, ip to check {}, file {}.'
'Error message: {}'.format(l, ip, netset, e))
return hits
def summary(self, raw):
taxonomies = []
namespace = "Firehol"
predicate = "Blocklists"
value = "0 hit"
if 'count' in raw:
r = raw.get('count', 0)
if r == 0 or r == 1:
value = "{} hit".format(r)
value = "{} hits".format(r)
if r > 0:
level = "suspicious"
level = "safe"
taxonomies.append(self.build_taxonomy(level, namespace, predicate, value))
return {"taxonomies": taxonomies}
def run(self):
ip = self.get_data()
if '/' in ip:
self.error('CIDR notation currently not supported.')
hits = self._check_ip(ip){'hits': hits, 'count': len(hits)})
if __name__ == '__main__':
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