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A sublime text 2 C++ GNU build system. Combines the tool chain with a simple build system. One button launch.

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Sublime Text 2 C++ Build System (GNU)

For all those wondering what this package is or what it does it's fairly simple. It's a Sublime Text 2 build system for c++ using the gnu tool chain. With one click it will run all the tools required; build it; and run your executable. Though you can also simply build it without the execution.


There are two different options for installing this.


  1. Place the '' into the '/usr/bin', or '/bin/' directory on you're machine.
  2. Copy the C++ GNU w PATH.sublime-build file into your Sublime Text 2 packages folder.
  3. Open Sublime Text 2. Go to Tools | Build System and choose the new build system.
  4. Create a new project and create the and as required by the tool chain.
  5. In your, make sure you have the 'bin_PROGRAMS' variable set to the executable's name. Right now the script looks for this variable to find the executable.


Option two is the same as the first option. The exception is the placement of the You will have to place this in the root path of your project and you will also have to use the C++ GNU.sublime-build instead of the other one. The difference in the two files are './' vs ''. The first one is local, the second is global (i.e looks in your path variable). 6


Let me know if you would like additions, changes, or fixes to this system. I haven't tried this on any real projects yet; only test ones so keep that in mind.

This project was built in a couple hours so it may contain bugs or errors. Please report them if you could and I'll get to them as soon as I can!


  • Sublime is kinda limited in terms of the console, input, output and running commands. It would be nice to have full control over this and be able to run complex apps right from within sublime but still be able to control them fully.

Rip it apart

You have my full permission to take the code and use it at your own will. Enjoy :)

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