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Affixes JSON

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The affixes.json file is generated automatically when loading up Champions for the first time. It is located in the config/champions folder. This page will provide detailed explanations about the properties of the json objects.

JSON Fields


"identifier": "<string>"

The identifier field holds the unique name for the affix to be associated with the object. In most cases, this will be the name of the affix in all lower-case letters.

This is a required field.


"enabled": <true/false>

The enabled field controls whether the affix is enabled or not. When set to false, no Champions will spawn with this affix.

Entity Blacklist

"entityBlacklist": <string list of names>

The entityBlacklist field holds a list of entity names, given in modid:name format, that cannot spawn with this affix.

Always On Entity

"alwaysOnEntity": <string list of names>

The alwaysOnEntity field holds a list of entity names, given in modid:name format, that will always spawn with this affix.


"tier": <integer>

The tier field holds an integer number. This number determines the tier requirement for the champion to spawn with this affix. If the champion does not meet this requirement, this affix will effectively be disabled for it.


    "identifier": "dampening",
    "enabled": true,
    "entityBlacklist": ["minecraft:spider", "minecraft:zombie"],
    "alwaysOnEntity": ["minecraft:ghast"],
    "tier": 3

From this configuration, the Dampening affix will always appear on Ghasts that are tier 3 or above and never on any Spiders or Zombies.

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