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Programming samples in Pyhton and C++ for the tiscamera GStreamer modules.

Snap an Image and Convert to OpenCV

This sample shows, how to snap an image from the video stream and make some OpenCV image processing on it. The result is displayed in an OpenCV window.

Using external trigger and a callback in Python

This sample shows, how to use an externally triggered camera and process and save a received image in an image callback.

Save an image on trigger in Python

This Python sample shows how to turn a camera into trigger mode for software trigger or hardware trigger and use a callback for receiving the triggered image.

Auto Focus On Push in Python

This shows, how to control the auto focus and focus of cameras, that support that, e.g. DFK AFUJ003, DFK Z12GP031. Additionally it is shown, how to set the zoom of the GigE zoom cameras.

Simple Snap Image in C++

This sample shows, how to configure a camera and snap an image from the live stream with only a few lines of C++ code. The snapped image data is converted to an OpenCV cv::Mat for saving as JPEG.

Using Properties in C++

This example shows, how to use camera properties, here exposure and gain, in C++ using the TcamCamera class.

Save an image using OpenCV in C++

This C++ sample shows how to capture images from the video stream, convert them to OpenCV cv::Mat and save them to hard disc.

QT5 Device Selection and Property Dialogs in C++

This sample provides C++ source code for QT5 Device Selection and Camera properties dialogs. It shows in a simple QT5 application, how to use them. It shows also, how to display the live video in a QT5 wigdet.

Gtk, Glade and OpenCV

This C++ sample shows, how to use Gtk, Glade, OpenCV and Gstreamer in one project.

Stream over Network to VLC

This article shows, how to setup a GStreamer pipeline for sending video stream to VLC over a network.

Stream into a Web Browser

A Pyhton sample shows, how stream from a camera into a web browser.

tcam-dialog Terminal Program for Camera Property Manipulation

A A terminal program for easy camera property manipulation.

IC Barcode simple

This sample shows, how to use the IC Barcode library.

IC Barcode Wrapper for ROS

Mr Dominik made a wrapper for ROS using the IC Barcode at IC Barcode Scanner ROS.

The Imaging Source Camera and Devices FAQ

The FAQ can be found at


Programming samples in Pyhton and C++ for the tiscamera GStreamer modules.



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