Demonstrates how particle effects can be implemented in LibGdx
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Sensory LibGdx App

This small application demonstrates how particle effects can be implemented in LibGdx.

  • Touch the screen to trigger a particle effect
  • Keep touching to spawn more particles (new particle effects triggered every 0.2 seconds)
  • Multitouch enabled, touch up to 10 points at once to spawn from multiple touchpoints simultaneously

Android software buttons are hidden in an effort to minimise accidental app closure. Tap the unobtrusive close (x) button to close the play screen, then tap the quit button on the menu screen to quit the app.

Who is this for?

There are three main target audiences:

  1. Developers interested in LibGdx - this project touches on things like particle effects, object pooling, multitouch, screen transitions, asset management, etc.
  2. Babies - my daughter is 9 months old and she loves playing with this app. A little time spent interacting with this app should help improve her hand-eye coordination. I've also noticed a definite look of accomplishment on her face when she realises that by touching the screen she causes the lights to appear and sound to play.
  3. Children and adults with certain learning disabilites or special education needs - some can benefit from interacting with simple sensory cause-and-effect apps like this one.

See it in action

Jewel Match Blitz - a free android puzzle game that makes use of similar pooled particle effects