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A curated list of testing software, extensions and resources


This is intended to be a curation of resources for the new among the software testing community. It is not tailored to a specific area (Usability/Performance) or role (Automation/Management). The idea is that you could hand this list to a CS graduate and it would greatly improve their testing skills, efficiency and overall breadth of knowledge. Note that this is for all areas of software testing after the code in question is written (no unit tests/static analysis!).

Finally, I'm sure everyone who reads this list has one thing they want to add. Please read the How to Contribute page and add to the list. :)




  • BeEF - Manipulate the browser exploiting any XSS vulns you find.
  • OWASP ZAP - This intercepting proxy allows you to see all HTTP traffic and manipulate it in real time. Easy to scan, catalog and exploit security issues.

Make your life easier

  • GoodLooks - Visually validate Playwright tests using AI vision instead of flaky selectors.
  • Octomind - auto-generated, run and maintained Playwright tests with AI-powered test case discovery.
  • Courgette - Beautifully simple UI testing. Proper declarative BDD scenarios using Gherkin, Gherkin templates and composable YAML-style page and component objects.
  • Ferrum - very simple and easy to get started with frontend/UI testing in small Ruby scripts, high-level API to control Chrome with the CDP - Chrome DevTools Protocol (NO Selenium dependency)
  • BareTail - Brings the tail linux command to Windows, coloured lines and REGEX search and loads of other features.
  • ProxySwitcher - We all have to mess with proxies, this makes it a lot easier when using Test/Prod/localhost proxies.
  • Full Page Screenshot - For when PrintScreen isn't big enough.
  • Form Filler - Large forms can be really irritating to fill out each time, speed it up with dummy data.
  • Bug Magnet - Suggests values based on the field type.
  • Check All - "Select All" is often not available. Why not bring your own?
  • Xmind - The best (free) Mindmapping tool for documenting your tests.
  • TestLink - Open Source test case management system
  • Fluxguard - Screenshot pixel and DOM change comparisons and regressions.
  • recheck-web - Open Source change comparison tool with local Golden Masters, git-like ignore syntax and "unbreakable selenium" tests.
  • Kiwi TCMS - Open Source test case management system.
  • Testomatio Modern TCMS allows sync of manual and automated tests in one place. Allure, TestRail, Xray alternative. FREE subscription forever is available.
  • Captura - Open Source video recording tool.
  • QA Wolf - Open Source Node.js library for creating browser tests 10x faster.
  • Synth - Open Source test data generator.
  • Requestly - A lightweight proxy as a browser extension & desktop app to intercept & modify network requests. You can Modify Headers, Redirect Url, Mock API response, Delay/Throttle requests, etc.
  • Robot Framework - Generic open source automation framework. It can be used for testing and robotic process automation (RPA).
  • - Autonomous testing platform providing bot for autonomous visual regression testing.
  • DeepfakeHTTP - DeepfakeHTTP is a web server that uses HTTP dumps as a source for responses. This tool allows you to test clients against REST, GraphQL, and other APIs.
  • Keploy - API Testing Platform that automatically generates unit test cases along with dependency mocks(test data) from API calls.
  • BugBug - Lightweight test automation tool for web applications. Easy to learn and doesn't require coding. It's free, with unlimited tests. For an additional monthly fee, you also get cloud monitoring and CI/CD integration.
  • Touca - Open source continuous regression testing to compare the behavior and performance of software against a previous baseline version.
  • test-each - Repeats tests using different inputs (Data-Driven Testing).
  • Replayable - Desktop dashcam that helps you capture unexpected bugs during manual testing.
  • RestQA - A REST API testing Framework based on ghekin to manage microservice local testing using the best in class Developer experience.
  • playwright-bdd - A module for running Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) tests with Playwright runner.
  • Zato API Test - API testing in pure English. No programming needed. Implemented and extendable in Python.

Web3 and Blockchain

  • - Command line tools and smart contract libraries for Ethereum smart contract development.
  • Ganache - Personal Ethereum blockchain which you can use to run tests, execute commands, and inspect state while controlling how the chain operates.
  • Foundry - Blazing fast, portable and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development written in Rust.
  • Hardhat - Multichain Ethereum development environment.
  • Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit - This combines popular smart contract testing and deployment libraries with Robot Framework.
  • Truffle Suite - Comprehensive suite of tools for smart contract development.
  • Cannon - Continuous configuration automation & development cli multi-tool. Like Terraform, Docker and NPM for Ethereum.


  • Colour Blindness Simulator - Simulate all types of Colour Blindness instantly!
  • Yslow - Analyse why web pages are slow based on Yahoo!'s rules for performance.


Training (Includes developer training for automation testers)

  • Learn to Code - Another awesome list for developer training
  • The Dojo - Courses and talks directly from the testing community.
  • Guru99 - Learn by experience, a bit more fun than video training.
  • Coursera - Online courses from top universities.
  • Cybrary - Online free security training.
  • BBST Testing Courses - The famous Black Box Software Testing (BBST) courses are university level courses on Software Test Foundations, Bug Reporting and Test Design. These materials have been creative commons licensed for use by anyone. Includes articles, slides and video lectures.



Suggested Awesome Lists

Must Read

  • Falsehoods - A funny and educational list of why nothing in Software Development is ever easy. Think you can store a marriage in a DB?
  • Naughty Strings - This is the famous list of Naughty Strings. If you're doing some field validation, look no further for inspiration.
  • Unicode - A great resource for learning how unicode works and the issues it can cause.

Useful References

  • The Original - The awesome list of awesome lists.
  • Learn to Code - Learning to code, for those looking to make the move to automation
  • Application Security - Incredibly extensive, but you'll find something to fit the bill.
  • Selenium - Better than searching Google if you know what you want.
  • Security - This is mostly focused on Infrastructure, but if you're testing a series of systems, this is very useful.
  • Awesome Software Quality - A list of free software testing and verification resources.
  • Awesome Cucumber - A (relatively-newer) curated list of awesome Cucumber and Gherkin-related resources.
  • Awesome JMeter - A curated collection of resources around Apache JMeter.
  • How They Test - A curated collection of public resources from tech companies on how they test their software and build a quality culture

QA and Testing Road Map



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