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CoffeeScript Game test

(C) Copyright 2012 by Javier Arevalo


Little game-engine-graphics-thing in CoffeeScript, to help me learn this language.

The code

Bunch of common utility functions

A simple 2D vector & matrix library

A simple GameObject library. Create a GoContainer, add Go instances to it, call tick(seconds) and render(context) Subclass Go to create your own gameobjects.

Not really a game at the moment, just a small graphics experiment with colored rotating circles.


The page that contains the canvas and runs the code. It uses jQuery, probably for not a lot - I just include it by default everywhere.

Build instructions

Note that the Makefile uses nodeJS to run the CoffeeScript compiler, and 'uglifyjs' for minification. You can install both uglify-js and coffee-script as nodejs packages using npm. Go to to install Node and npm.