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A library that converts any valid CSS into an array of all its selectors.
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This is a javascript library that can be ran in the browser or with Node.js.

This library converts any valid CSS string passed in to an array of all its selectors.

Live Demo on Codepen


 <script type="text/javascript" src="selectorstoarray.min.js"></script>
// Variable containing any valid CSS as a string
var css = 'h1 { font-size: 10px; } .thing h4 .moo:nth-child(-2n+3) a[href*="#"] i:after { content: ""; border: 0px; width: 0px } h2 {}';

// Pass in any valid CSS into the selectorsToArray function
var selectors = selectorsToArray(css);

// Return an array of CSS Selectors in the order they were in the CSS file with none removed/missing
console.log(selectors); // [ 'h1', '.thing h4 .moo:nth-child(-2n+3) a[href*="#"] i:after', 'h2' ];


  • We definately need to do a lot more vigorous testing to make sure this library works with any valid CSS file. FILE BUGS!
  • We should probably get this registered on NPM so others can use the library and keep up to date with bug fixes.
  • This guy had some good ideas


Currently this library is used by the repo it was created for:

If you use this library in a project, let us know by filing an issue to have your link added, or doing a pull request edit of the README.


Public domain homie, do with as you will.

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