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Here I will post all the WeakAuras I create. I play every class (some more than others) and try to make auras for all of them. You will find all the auras in the sidebar to the right. I try to keep them updated.

Extra Addons used:
Icon/Button skins: Masque + Masque: Caith (Color changed to black).
Power Bars: Minimalist from SharedMedia
If you are using ElvUI, you only need to install AddOnSkins.

Note: You don't have to install these to make the auras work. If you decide not to use them, your auras will look different.

Discuss the auras over on MMO-Champion.

How to import auras

  1. Install WeakAuras 2
  2. Use the sidebar on the right to find the WeakAuras for your class.
  3. Click on the aura you would like to import.
  4. A new window should open with a bunch of letters and numbers. Press CTRL+A to select all the text and press CTRL+C or right-click to copy it.
  5. Open WeakAuras Options in-game by typing /waand click "Import" in the "New" tab.
  6. Paste in the copied text. A little window will appear showing you what the aura contains. Press "Import".
  7. All done! Enjoy your new auras.
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