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The JumpCloud PowerShell Module

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What are you trying to do?

Install it

Quickly install the module on Mac, Linux, or Windows with a few clicks

Import, Update, Or Backup Users

Watch the Basic Import and Advanced Import YouTube tutorials and learn how to use the commands New-JCImportTemplate and Import-JCUsersFromCSV to import users into JumpCloud

Users can be updated in bulk, added to groups in mass, and bound to systems using the command Update JCUsersFromCSV.

Check our the command Get JCBackup which can be used to backup User, System, and Group directory information to CSV files.

Use Get-JCAssociation to backup other directory information.

See Examples

Find copy and pastable examples in the JumpCloud PowerShell Commands Example Library

Are you working with a large data set? See how to do this in the most efficient manner.

New to PowerShell?

Take five minutes to read the JumpCloud PowerShell module command basics and learn how to use the commands and navigate the built in help system

Interested in a certain command? Check out the 'Command Reference' sidebar. This 'Command Reference' has links to documentation for each command within the JumpCloud PowerShell Module with included examples!

What is PowerShell? | What is the JumpCloud PowerShell Module?

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