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"Book" Reviews

Title Tags Description
A Bluer Shade of White FanFic(Frozen), RatFic The story of a post-Frozen Elsa using her powers to rule and improve the country. Short, good read.
Aeromancer Fantasy What do I say about this one? Interesting setting, interesting characters, interesting plot, but... well, the story got interrupted extremely suddenly by the author finding religion and deciding he thus could not continue writing. I'd recommend this one only to folks who aren't put off by unfinished stories -- its a great read until that interuption!
Ava's Demon Comic, SciFi A gorgeously-drawn webcomic about a young girl haunted by a demon a thousand years into the future. Worth checking out just for the artwork; and the story is great too.
Benefactor Superheroes, SciFi To describe this one would not do it justice -- its short, its interesting, read it!
Branches on the Tree of Time FanFic(Terminator), RatFic THE Terminator rational re-write. Excellently written, fantastic use of time travel, definitely worth reading.
Break Them All SI The prequel to Heromaker's Legacy, a Worm fanfic, this is a story about exploring and learning a magic system. Interesting power growth story about applying real-world ideas to munchkining a magic system, but unfortunately the goal of this story is just to support Heromaker's Legacy, which I didn't really enjoy, rather than to exist in its own right. Interesting, but unsatisfyingly unfinished.
Broken Blades FanFic(RWBY) I couldn't remember why I'd stopped reading this one a while back, so I picked it up again. Note to self for future: the story is an interesting divergence-style fanfic with a good building beginning, but it seems to have been abandoned by the author before getting to the meat of the story. Irrelevant to the story, but if you do check it out: don't read the "author notes" at the end of each chapter. Personally, at least, I thought a good chunk of them devolved into condescending blurbs of "oh man, I put this subtle thing in my writing, but I bet none of you noticed" with reference to blatantly obvious plotlines.
Bunkercore LitRPG Dungeon Core variation with an interesting setting and plot. The author wiped a good chunk of the online copy in favor of publishing to Amazon, but has indicated he'll be continuing the story online eventually. If you like the teaser chapters he left online, you'll like the rest of the work.
Coding Machines SciFi A horror novel for programmers. Very good.
Death By Water FanFic(HPxCulture) Harry Potter raised by The Culture. Interesting to see how the Culture universe interacts with a planet of magic, but not overly compelling. Seems to be abandoned.
Demon Comic A really good webcomic about a guy who makes the sudden realization that he's not just a guy.
Dream Drive LitRPG A near-future LitRPG with an interesting protagnosit and interaction between game-world and real-world. The author posted this to a Erotic Writing site since it contains sexual eliments, but those don't feel like they're "the point of the story".
Dungeon Keeper Ami FanFic(Sailor Moon), LitRPG A "Dungeon Core" LitRPG featuring Sailor Mercury. I was initially interested in this story for the interesting take on "good guy forced to be evil", but the MC's constant poor decision making and naivete eventually got on my nerves. Unfortunately, it felt like the story fell into a loop of the protagonist thinking "what could go wrong? I know everything about this thing I know nothing about, this can't go badly" then that thing going badly.
Fleep Comic, RatFic Fleep is an interesting (short) comic about an insomniac figuring out who and where he is. Great read!
Friendship is Optimal FanFic(MLP), RatFic The MLP RatFic which spawned any others. Well-written and interesting take, but I've never really been able to get into the MLP fandom even for adjacent material like this. Worth a read, especially if you feel differently.
Greg Vader vs The World FanFic(Worm), LitRPG I wanted to like this one, but... man. This one just wasn't good. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance, but I do not see how it got the ratings it has. Maybe 4.x stars on RoyalRoad doesn't mean as much as I hoped it would? The first time I've abandoned reading something so early in several months.
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality FanFic(HP), RatFic The story which defined the RatFic genre. Read this.
Instruments of Destruction FanFic(Star Wars) This... is largely a story about project management. The story of the project manager of the Death Star (mark two). Short little vignette, but a hilarious take on managing an absurd project nonetheless.
Kaleidoscope FanFic(Naruto), SI The author is born into the Uchiha family before the massacre. A frantic struggle to survive ensues. Enjoyable read, bit of a power-up fantasy.
Luminosity FanFic(Twilight), RatFic What if Bella was not an idiot? Well written, interesting story, highly acclaimed on /r/rational. Personally, though, I've picked up and abandoned this a couple times now but can't quite put my finger on why. My current best guess is timing -- someday soon I'll set aside the time to read this in one go and see if that changes things.
Maou no Hisho Comic Silly manga. Manga is very rarely my thing, but this one is definitely silly and fun.
Not This Time, Fate FanFic(RWBY) A Jaune Arc groundhog day story where he finally gives up and just tries to live a normal life. Hilarity and surprisingly poignant moments ensue.
On Being a Sith Lord FanFic(Star Wars) One-shot KotOR story about how the protag feels about finding out about her previously-amnesiac past (massive spoilers, obviously -- go play KotOR, its great!). Short but sweet, lots of interesting tidbits and fun character interactions.
Pact Fantasy The protagonist finds himself inheriting an old property with a trove of supernatural knowledge -- magic and demons ensue. Wonderfully written (same author as Worm), but I could never really get into the flow of the story. I've been informed that this one is much better reading in its entirety rather than trying to keep up week-by-week, so I'll likely try again at some point.
People Lie FanFic(Naruto) Darker Naruto world, Naruto/Hinata/Sasuke focus with a darker, more cynical Naruto whose personality spreads to the others. Interestingly written, but abandoned with a couple short spin-offs which seemed to be attempts to resurrect it. Very gratuitous, decent enough read.
Professor Arc FanFic(RWBY), Humor Jaune Arc finds he faked his credentials so well that he is offered a teaching position. Hilarity ensues. Well-written and very funny read, definitely worth checking out.
Ra Fantasy, RatFic Magic as Engineering. Very well-written, worth checking out. I've been meaning to re-read this.
Ruthless FanFic(HP) Harry Potter as a vicious little shit, fairly short read. There's some gratuitous oddities for sure, but it certainly scratches a certain kind of competence-porn itch. A decent read for how short it is, but its more of a drabble than a story.
Sasuke Uchiha and the Power of Lies FanFic(Naruto), Humor A parody of Naruto, with a focus on absurdity and self-delusion. Fun and silly read.
Shadows of the Limelight Superheroes, RatFic A story about superheroes whose powers are defined by stories. Very interesting take on the genre, worth a read.
Team Anko FanFic(Naruto), RatFic "Rationality meets Naruto", a re-write where Naruto and friends get Anko as a Jounin-sensei. From the author of The Two Year Emperor, the writing style is fantastic and the story is great.
The Arithmancer FanFic(HP) The Arithmancer, as well as its sequel(s), follow a scientifically-minded Hermione as she munchkins her way through life. Its no HPMOR, but its definitely entertaining!
The Bound Dungeon LitRPG Decent "Dungeon Core" story with some interesting growth progression and an interesting setting. Promissing, but never really took off -- it felt like it was just hitting its stride when the author disappeared for a while and then eventually came back to say he didn't like how the story was going and abandoned it.
The Bridge SciFi Interesting story about life on a colony ship hundreds of years after understanding of our own technology has been lost. Very interesting, definitely worth a read.
The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant RatFic Hard to describe without giving the story away -- very short read, "makes you think". Check it out!
The Gamer LitRPG Probably the first well-known LitRPG, or at least the one that I came across first. Not bad, but eventually starts to drag on and on. I lost interest fairly quickly, but I can't complain too much since it led me into the genre and other works I have greatly enjoyed.
The Games We Play FanFic(RWBYxGamer), LitRPG This was the first LitRPG I really got into after finding the premise of The Gamer interesting but the story and writing to not be compelling enough to hold my attention. The RWBY world and history is completely re-imagined in this one, since it spawned so early in RWBY's seasons that it ended up ahead of the plot, but I find the histories explained in this to be as interesting if not more than the original work. Very long, very good, and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel.
The Last Christmas RatFic Short story about the mantle of Santa Claus being passed down to an industrial engineer. Short story, interesting read.
The Metropolitan Man FanFic(Superman), RatFic Fantastically written story which pits Lex Luther as the villain protagonist to a newly arrived alien God. Highly recommended.
The Secret Number Oddball A short and hard-to-classify story. Vaguely SCPish, involves memetics. Awesome read!
The Trial of Darth Vader FanFic(Star Wars) An aftermath story of Darth Vader's history, very interestingly told alternate view of the Star Wars universe. Would recommend.
The Truth of the Sith FanFic(Star Wars), RatFic A five-minute read -- Palpatine tells Anakin a story about the force. Very interesting take on the Force / Dark Side / Light Side / etc.
The Two Year Emperor FanFic(D&D), RatFic A guy gets thrown into a D&D universe to act as the emperor of a country. Fun, munchkin-ey story.
The Waves Arisen FanFic(Naruto), Rational What if Naruto grew up smart and curious? A defining work of the RatFic genre, absolutely worth a read.
The World Waits on Evil SI An interesting premise -- the SI protagonist gets body-swapped into a Lich Dread Lord of a fantasy realm. It had me going for a while, but I eventually lost interest. It has a lot of good, but also some very dry digressions into boring minutia.
Threadbare LitRPG A cute story about a teddy-bear who gains sentience in a LitRPG world. Very light-hearted, fun read.
Three Worlds Collide SciFi, RatFic Short and highly recommended. "The kind of classic fifties-era first-contact story that Jonathan Swift might have written, if Jonathan Swift had had a background in game theory." -Peter Watts
Time Braid FanFic(Naruto), RatFic Time-looping power-creep crackfic with some occasional fucked up subject matter. That said, it somehow manages to be a great read despite the previous sentence.
Unriddle the Riddle FanFic(HPMOR) A recursive fanfic alternate ending for HPMOR: "What if Harry allied with the Professor?". Meh.
Vapors (sequel: Clarity) FanFic(Naruto), SI The sort of thing I consider a "SI done right" -- the protagonist doesn't start with mythical chosen-one powers, doesn't have game-breaking knowledge-from-outside, and has no encyclopediac knowledge of the source universe. Fantastic read all the way up to a couple chapters before the end, at which point there's a big cliched twist when the story could have just ended in a supremely satisfying way. The sequel is much shorter, deals with that twist, and has a satisfying ending of its own, but the story probably would have hung together better if that twist hadn't occured. All-in-all a great read, though, even with that issue.
When In Doubt, Obliviate FanFic(HP), Humor Silly little story about HP being raised by Gilderoy Lockhart. Short read, good for a few giggles.
Worm Superheroes, RatFic One of, if not the, best web serials I've ever read. Could not recommend more highly. Warning: incredibly long. Like, seriously long. As long as the entire "A Song of Ice and Fire" series -- and that's ignoring Worm's recently-published interlude and in-progress follow-up sequel.


Title Tags Description
Animorphs: The Reckoning FanFic(Animorphs), RatFic A fantastically written re-telling of the Animorphs. Wonderful story, would highly recommend.
Harry Potter and the Natural 20 FanFic(HPxD&D), Humor Silly cross-over crackfic where a D&&D character is dropped in to the HP universe. Quite funny. Went on a long hiatus after book two, but has recently been picked up again.
Mother of Learning Fantasy, RatFic Interesting time loop story about a wizard. The catch? Its not his time-loop and he's completely out of his depth. Very well-written story with well-managed power creep and interesting twists and turns. Disclaimer: still in-progress, but nearing completion.
Pokemon: The Origin of Species FanFic(Pokemon), RatFic Red as a professor-in-training. Lovely re-imagining of the universe, worth a read.
Worth the Candle LitRPG, SI A GM gets thrown into a fantasy world of his own creation. Interesting and fun read.