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Image Mirrored and/or Wrong X/Y home

  • Main Menu>Config(S)>System Setting
  • Please make sure "X Axis Mirror" and "Y Axis Mirror" are checked
  • Ensure "Laser Head" radio box is in top left corner.

Files Will Not Download to Laser Cutter

  • Check that all connections are secure and all machines involved have Internet Access
  • Check your file:
    • Is it super-complicated? View your vectors in wireframe mode in your editing program. The laser can have trouble with too many vectors.
    • Is it HUGE? If it's a giant file, the laser can choke. (Exact size limits need to be determined.)
  • Can you download a brand new file with just a vector circle? This may indicate an error with your file.
  • There may not be any room left on the laser. Format to erase all the files. This should be done as a LAST step! This error can typically be resolved by checking your file's complexity and size first.
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