's 3D Printing Cheat Sheet

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STEP ONE: Acquire or create and STL file

You can acquire an STL file created by someone else on websites like Thingiverse.

Some simple models to try for your first 3D print:

STEP TWO: Slice your STL file

We have a configuration bundle for Slic3r that is all set up for use with our FlashForge Creator Pro printers.

Don't go through Slic3r's configuration wizard. Just cancel it. You'll want to hit "File->Load Config Bundle" to import our config bundle. You'll only need to do this part once.

From this point, all you need to do is "add" your STL file to Slic3r's build plate, and hit the "export gcode" button.

If you're using Windows, you can follow our Install Slic3r and Import TheLab’s Slic3r Configuration File Bundle for Windows document.

Slic3r is in the package repositories of many Linux distributions. The latest version is currently in the Ubuntu 15.10 "Universe" repository. If you are going to install through your package manager, make sure you are actually getting the latest version. A lot of important bugs have been fixed in the last few releases.

STEP THREE: Print your gcode using Octoprint

We currently have two FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printers. The one on the left is badger1, and the one on the right is badger2.

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