Missing Home: The demolition of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
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Missing Home: Demolitions in post-Katrina New Orleans

This is the code that gathers, builds, renders and displays the page at http://projects.thelensnola.org/demolitions/. Much of the code is very specific to The Lens and this project, unfortunately, but you are welcome to take any of the code and modify it to your needs.

How it works

The project is powered by a "backend" of Google Docs and Sheets. All stories were written in Google Docs and formatted in the ArchieML markup language. Photo data was organized using Google Sheets.

The raw images are processed and scaled using ImageMagick.

The data from the stories and the spreadsheet is combined into a single JSON object that represents each of the ~150 locations in the project. That data is used to render the front-end HTML, and a selection of the JSON is then sent to power the front-end's map and navigation. There are two versions of the rendered HTML: one for The Lens, and another that was used in an iframe on The Nation's website.

Finally, all photos and front-end code is uploaded to Amazon S3, where it serves the page.

Libraries used