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Releases: TheLimeGlass/Khoryl


09 Dec 13:54
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  • Updated to Skript 2.7.3
  • Updated to Spigot 1.20.4
  • Added support for itemtypes in the bundle items expression changer.


16 Oct 18:15
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  • Added an expression to apply a block state to items.
+ %itemtype/itemstack% with [the] block state [meta] [(from|of) %block%]
+ %itemtype/itemstack% with %block%'[s] block state [meta]


on right click on any standing banner:
    player's tool is a shield
    apply block state from clicked block to player's tool
  • Added multiples support for merchant recipes.
  • Updated libraries.


26 Sep 00:49
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  • Updated to 2.7.0 but can still run on older Skript versions.
  • Updated to 1.20.2
  • Added can breath underwater condition
%livingentities% can breathe under[ [the ]]water
%livingentities% (can't|cannot|can not) breathe under[ [the ]]water
  • Added camel dashing condition
%camels% (is|are) dashing
%camels% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) dashing
  • Added setting if a camel is dashing
set dashing of %camels% to %boolean%
  • Added sniffer explored locations
explored locations of %sniffers%
%sniffer%'[s] explored locations
  • Added block state meta to be applied to items effect
apply [the] block state [meta] [(from|of) %block%] to %itemtype/itemstack%

on right click on any standing banner:
	player's tool is a shield
	apply block state of clicked block to player's tool
  • Added bookshelf slots
set [displaying|occupied] bookshelf slot[s] %numbers% of %blocks% to %boolean%

# Expression returns integer
[max:max[imum] number of] occupied slots of %blocks%
%block%'[s] [max:max[imum] number of] occupied slots
  • Added end gateway support
# Conditions
%blocks% (is|are) [an] exact teleport [location]
%blocks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) [an] exact teleport [location]

# Expressions both settable and addable respectfully
%blocks% [end] [gateway] exit location
%blocks% [end] gateway age

# Effects
set exact teleport [location] of %blocks% to %boolean%
  • Added end crystal support
# Effects
set showing bottom [base] of %blocks% to %boolean%

# Conditions
%blocks% (is|are) showing bottom [base]
%blocks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) showing bottom [base]

# Expressions
[crystal] beam (target|location) of %blocks%
%blocks%'[s] [crystal] beam (target|location)
  • Added Minecart support
# Conditions
%minecarts% (is|are) slow when empty
%minecarts% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) slow when empty

# Expressions
[minecart] block[ ]data[s] of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] [minecart] block[ ]data[s]
minecart damage of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] minecart damage
[minecart] derail ve(ctor|locity) [mod] of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] [minecart] derail ve(ctor|locity) [mod]
minecart display [block [data]] offset of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] minecart display [block [data]] offset
[minecart] flying ve(ctor|locity) [mod] of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] [minecart] flying ve(ctor|locity) [mod]
minecart max speed of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] minecart max speed
set slow when empty state of %minecarts%


25 Jun 12:31
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  • Added dispense effect
  • Added drop dropper effect
  • Added ender portal syntaxes
  • Small syntax fixes
  • Sign syntaxes like glowing and editable
  • Collide states
  • Is valid condition
  • Combust time, combust events so you can now get when an item is thrown in lava
  • Optimizations

Massive Content Update 1.17-1.19

07 Jun 22:52
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I guess I forgot to upload all the 1.17-1.18 content with 1.0.4, so here is 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

The amount of syntaxes added will take me hours to add here, so all syntaxes will be present on in the coming hours.

The syntaxes are also at the top of the classes here

And SkUnity may auto generate or just override existing syntaxes.

  • Added AI toggle for entities (means they don't move and just stand there) 1.11+.
  • Added pickup status for living entities.
  • Added climbing condition of living entities. 1.17+.
  • Added swimming state for living entities. 1.17+.
  • Added some armour stand syntaxes.
  • Added more merchantrecipes syntaxes, villagers can be used in the expression.
  • Added Vex syntaxes.
  • Added Wolf angry.
  • Updated Spigot to 1.19.
  • Updated Skript to 2.6.2.
  • Updated Gradle to 7.3.1.
  • Added Redstone power on analogue powerable blocks.
  • Added sculk catalyst bloom 1.19+
  • Added last vibration sculk sensor and sensor phase 1.19+
  • Added summon state of sculker shriekers 1.19+
  • Added warning levels of sculker shriekers 1.19+
  • Added shriek trigger 1.19+
  • Added frozen state 1.18+
  • Added condition to check if entity is inside a vehicle
  • Added client side visible fire
  • Added entity rotation
  • Added freeze ticks 1.18+
  • Added Axolotl syntaxes 1.19+
  • Added Frog syntaxes 1.19+
  • Added chested horse syntaxes and now works as an inventory in Skript.
  • Added the new left and right horn additions from goats 1.19+
  • Added item frame visibility
  • Added item frame drop chances
  • Added itemframe syntaxes
  • Added shivering syntaxes
  • Added boost steering syntaxes
  • Added steering syntaxes
  • Added steering material (on a stick)
  • Added charging syntaxes
  • Added more age syntaxes
  • Added Warden syntaxes 1.19+
  • Added tad pole syntaxes 1.19+
  • Added new sculker events

Events notice:
The new sculker events are [on] sculk [shrieker] shriek[ing] and [on] sculk [sensor] [tendrils] clicking
The event values can be event-location, event-entity and event-number. The number being radius. The event values may not be present for either event. It appears that Mojang has not properly implemented the sculker events yet, there was a dedicated packet for it in the pre-releases and snapshots, but they're removed in the offical 1.19 so no clue. Spigot just threw the events into the GenericGameEvent category because of this, so the performance of this it not the best, but it's definitely handled properly, so use sparing until Mojang probably fixes in the future with continued updates.

1.17 things

17 Jun 06:45
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Updated to Skript 2.6+ this version cannot run on older Skript versions.
Newly added types:

# Big dripleaf
	none: none
	unstable: unstable
	partial: partial
	full: full, pinball
# Dripstone thiccness
	tip_merge: tip merge, merge point, extended tip
	tip: tip, just the tip, top, top section
	frustum: frustum, top section
	middle: middle, middle section
	base: base
    	base, default, blank
    	border, outline
    	circle middle, circle in middle
    	creeper, creeper head
    	curly border, curly outline, squiggly outline
    	diagonal left
    	diagonal left mirror      
    	diagonal right
    	diagonal right mirror
    	gradient, fade
    	gradient up, fade up
    	half horizontal
    	half horizontal mirror
    	half vertical
    	half vertical mirror
    	rhombus middle, rhombus
    	square bottom left
    	square bottom right
    	square top left
    	square top right
    	straight cross
    	stripe bottom
    	stripe center
    	stripe down left
    	stripe down right
    	stripe left
    	stripe middle
    	stripe right
    	stripe small
    	stripe top
    	triangle bottom
    	triangle top
    	triangles bottom
    	triangles top

Added banner syntaxes

set [banner] pattern at %number% to %bannerpattern% in [banner[s]] %banners%
remove [banner] pattern at %number% in [banner[s]] %banners%

# Can be set to a colour
[banner] base colo[u]r of %banners%
%banners%'[s] [banner] base colo[u]r

# All changers with bannerpatterns
banner patterns of %banners%
%banners%'[s] banner patterns

%bannerpatterntype% [banner] pattern colo[u]red %color%

Added converter to convert villager entities to inventory for inventory syntaxes.
Added an expression to get merchants from entities

[(all [[of] the]|the)] merchant[s] (from|of) %livingentities%
[(all [[of] the]|the)] %livingentities%'[s] merchant[s]

Added beacon block syntaxes

(affected entities around|entities in range of) beacon[s] of %beacons%
%beacons%'[s] (affected entities around|entities in range of) beacon[s]

# Can be set to a potion
primary [beacon] [potion] effect[s] of %beacons%
%beacons%'[s] primary [beacon] [potion] effect[s]

# Can be set to a potion
second[ary] [beacon] [potion] effect[s] of %beacons%
%beacons%'[s] second[ary] [beacon] [potion] effect[s]

[beacon] tier[s] of %beacons%
%beacons%'[s] [beacon] tier[s]

Added entity storage syntaxes such as beehives

%blocks% (is|are) full
%blocks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) full

release [(all [[of] the]|the)] entities (from|in) [block[s]] %blocks%

# All changers to a number
max[imum] entit(ies|y count) of %blocks%
%beacons%'[s] max[imum] entit(ies|y count)

Added Beehive syntaxes

%beehives% (is|are) sedated
%beehives% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) sedated

# Can be set to a location
[bee[ ]hive] flower [location] of %beehives%
%beehives%'[s] [bee[ ]hive] flower [location]

Added an effect to open and close blocks such as chests, barrels, shulkers and enderchests

(1¦open|2¦close) [lidded] blocks %blocks%

Added an expression to get and set block rotation

# Can be set to a block face or direction
block rotation of %blocks%
%blocks%'[s] block rotation

Added an expression to get and set skull owner of a block

skull owner of %blocks%
%blocks%'[s] skull owner

Added some cool abstract utility classes for doing things Khoryl does if any developers would like to extend Khoryl.
Added big dripleaf syntaxes

# Can be set to a big dripleaf tilt
[big dripleaf] tilt of %bigdripleafs%
%bigdripleafs%'[s] [big dripleaf] tilt

Added candle syntaxes

# All changers to a number
candle count of %candles%
%candles%'[s] candle count

max candle count of %candles%
%candles%'[s] max candle count

Added cavevine syntaxes

# Can be set to a boolean
berr(y|ies) state of %cavevines%
%cavevines%'[s] berr(y|ies) state

Added dripstone syntaxes

# Can be set to a direction or block face
dripstone [vertical] direction[s] of %dripstones%
%dripstones%'[s] dripstone [vertical] direction[s]

# Can be set to a thickness
[dripstone] thickness of %dripstones%
%dripstones%'[s] [dripstone] thickness

Added goat syntaxes

%goats% (is|are) screaming
%goats% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) screaming

screaming [state] of %goats%
%goats%'[s] screaming [state]

Updated to 1.17 spigot

Bee things

17 Oct 07:51
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	- Bee nectar condition
		- %bees% (has|have) nectar
		- %bees% (doesn't|does not|do not|don't) have nectar
	- Bee stung condition
		- %bees% (has|have) stung
		- %bees% (doesn't|does not|do not|don't) have stung
	- Bee anger level expression, changers SET, returns NUMBER
		- [bee] anger level of %bees%
		- %bees%'[s] [bee] anger level
	- Bee nectar expression, changers SET, returns BOOLEAN
		- [bee] nectar of %bees%
		- %bees%'[s] [bee] nectar
	- Bee cannot enter hive ticks expression, changers SET, returns NUMBER
		- cannot enter hive ticks of %bees%
		- %bees%'[s] cannot enter hive ticks
	- Bee flower location condition
		- %bees% (has|have) [a] flower [location]
		- %bees% (doesn't|does not|do not|don't) have [a] flower [location]
	- Bee flower location expression, changers SET, returns LOCATION (potentially not set)
		- flower location of %bees%
		- %bees%'[s] flower location
	- Bee hive location condition
		- %bees% (has|have) [a] hive [location]
		- %bees% (doesn't|does not|do not|don't) have [a] hive [location]
	- Bee hive location expression, changers SET, returns LOCATION (potentially not set)
		- hive location of %bees%
		- %bees%'[s] hive location
	- LivingEntity item pickup status expression, changers SET, returns BOOLEAN
		- pickup items status of %livingentities%
		- %livingentities%'[s] pickup items status
	- LivingEntity item pickup status condition
		- %bees% can pickup items
		- %bees% (can't|cannot|can not) pickup items
	- Entity is in vehicle condition
		- %entities% (is|are) in[side] [a] vehicle
		- %entities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) in[side] [a] vehicle