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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this 26 Sep 00:49
· 30 commits to master since this release
  • Updated to 2.7.0 but can still run on older Skript versions.
  • Updated to 1.20.2
  • Added can breath underwater condition
%livingentities% can breathe under[ [the ]]water
%livingentities% (can't|cannot|can not) breathe under[ [the ]]water
  • Added camel dashing condition
%camels% (is|are) dashing
%camels% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) dashing
  • Added setting if a camel is dashing
set dashing of %camels% to %boolean%
  • Added sniffer explored locations
explored locations of %sniffers%
%sniffer%'[s] explored locations
  • Added block state meta to be applied to items effect
apply [the] block state [meta] [(from|of) %block%] to %itemtype/itemstack%

on right click on any standing banner:
	player's tool is a shield
	apply block state of clicked block to player's tool
  • Added bookshelf slots
set [displaying|occupied] bookshelf slot[s] %numbers% of %blocks% to %boolean%

# Expression returns integer
[max:max[imum] number of] occupied slots of %blocks%
%block%'[s] [max:max[imum] number of] occupied slots
  • Added end gateway support
# Conditions
%blocks% (is|are) [an] exact teleport [location]
%blocks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) [an] exact teleport [location]

# Expressions both settable and addable respectfully
%blocks% [end] [gateway] exit location
%blocks% [end] gateway age

# Effects
set exact teleport [location] of %blocks% to %boolean%
  • Added end crystal support
# Effects
set showing bottom [base] of %blocks% to %boolean%

# Conditions
%blocks% (is|are) showing bottom [base]
%blocks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) showing bottom [base]

# Expressions
[crystal] beam (target|location) of %blocks%
%blocks%'[s] [crystal] beam (target|location)
  • Added Minecart support
# Conditions
%minecarts% (is|are) slow when empty
%minecarts% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) slow when empty

# Expressions
[minecart] block[ ]data[s] of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] [minecart] block[ ]data[s]
minecart damage of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] minecart damage
[minecart] derail ve(ctor|locity) [mod] of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] [minecart] derail ve(ctor|locity) [mod]
minecart display [block [data]] offset of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] minecart display [block [data]] offset
[minecart] flying ve(ctor|locity) [mod] of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] [minecart] flying ve(ctor|locity) [mod]
minecart max speed of %minecarts%
%minecarts%'[s] minecart max speed
set slow when empty state of %minecarts%