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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Aug 31, 2021

  • Updated to Skript 2.6-beta-3
  • Fixed sound event not working
  • Added event values for pitch and sound to sound event
  • Changed the anvil gui to the new section api.
    You can use event-anvilclick or anvil click to get the result of the click in the anvil either complete, left or right complete means they clicked the result far right item.
    you can use event-string to get the result of what they typed in.
    also [the] anvil click[ed] [type] (was|is)(0¦|1¦n('|o)t) %anvilclicks%

Example script:

command /anvil:
		# open [an] anvil [gui] (named|with title) %string% to %players% with [left item %itemstack% and] [right] item %itemstack% [[and] exclud(e|ing) left and right clicks]
		open an anvil named "&4Testing 1" to player with potato named "Insert name...": # Everything in the section is a different event from the command. It's the actual anvil event.
			# Anvil Click Type can be left [click], right [click] or complete/finish which is far right when only left item is present.
			broadcast "Click type was %event-anvilclick%"
			# [the] anvil click[ed] [type] (was|is)(0¦|1¦n('|o)t) %anvilclicks%
			# This is a condition.
			anvil click was complete
			broadcast "Response was %event-string%"
			set {_inventory} to a chest inventory named event-string with 4 rows
			add a diamond to {_inventory}
			open {_inventory} to player
		# Testing
		broadcast "actualNext"

command /sign:
		set {_test} to "result"
		open sign gui to player with "Enter text", "vvvvvvvvv", "", and "^^^^^^^^^":
			broadcast lines
			broadcast {_test}
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