@davidstoneham davidstoneham released this Sep 19, 2018

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What's New

  • Coin splitting will only split your coins if they are above 100K
  • Updated masternode winner selection to make rewards fairer. You should expect 1 reward every 24 hours.
  • Added checks so masternodes don't earn twice on their coins by staking. If you earned a reward as a masternode and want to stake with the coins instead you'll need to send them to yourself or wait ~9 days
  • Remove old masternodes on unsupported wallets.
  • Prevent running more than 1 masternode per IP. This is to stop unfair payments to people attempting to trick the network without contributing

@davidstoneham davidstoneham released this Sep 5, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

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This is a mandatory upgrade. Please upgrade by block 580000 to avoid any interruptions


What's New

  • We've moved forward the POW lockout to block 580000. This will turn Linda into a 100% POS chain
  • Masternode rewards have been adjusted to a constant 3200 Linda per block to give ~60% return annually
  • Staking rewards have been adjusted to give ~50% return annually
  • We've added a max coin age for staking of 30 days to prevent unfair block rewards and manipulation of the POS difficulty algorithm
  • We've added a max coin value for staking of 100 000 000 Linda to encourage more staking and prevent manipulation of the POS difficulty algorithm
  • Versions of Linda older than will be disconnected at block 580000. This will help increase network speed and reduce orphan blocks

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue that was causing coins to be sent when the wallet was unlocked for staking but the cancel button was clicked when prompted for a passphrase.

@MrBitKoin MrBitKoin released this Aug 15, 2018 · 30 commits to master since this release

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This is a mandatory upgrade. Please upgrade by August 21st to avoid any interruptions


Critical Fix

  • fixed issue where wallet was stuck on syncing block 0 when syncing a new blockchain
  • Beginning from block 555000, consecutive blocks created through PoW will be rejected by the network. This is to address a potential security concern if an attacker has a vast amount of hash power at their disposal.

Sync Improvements

  • track peer block downloads to auto remove stalled peers
  • disconnect peer when reached ban threshold
  • disallows access to nodes running wallets less than
  • nodes running wallets less than will be disconnected from the network starting after block 585200
  • dump orphan blocks from peer when disconnected (prevents filling orphan block list with unusable blocks
  • add maxorphantx startup flag to cap orphan transactions held in memory for running on lightweight machines

General Improvements

  • masternode should ignore if wallet is unlocked for staking only
  • locked masternode coins will be ignored when staking
  • masternode start will check all possible coin inputs instead of just the first

General RPC improvements

  • updates listreceivedbyaddress RPC command to return only your addresses when running with minconf=0 and includeempty=true instead of returning all addresses including send addresses from your address book
  • fix GetAccountAddress not committing the new account to the walletdb causing duplicates to be made when running the command again
  • setaccount no longer can create new addresses. This was a confusing feature and gave no way to change account names without creating new addresses
  • setaccount returns error if trying to change the account of an address that doesn't exist in your wallet
  • listreceived now returns (change) addresses
  • added RPC commands for masternodes
  • masternode status dumps your masternode status. includes your active time and status to determine if your masternode is running correctly
    -masternode status-all dumps the above info for all masternodes on the network (only your masternode will include status field)
  • masternode init ip:port allows you to initialise your masternode without editing the linda.conf or masternode.conf files and or restarting the program. Running masternode start will then start your masternode
  • masternode addremote ip:port - adds the info to your masternode.conf file (no need to restart Linda-qt or Lindad) running start-many or start-alias will start the appropriate remote masternodes
  • masternode removeremote - removes the related account from your masternode.conf file (no need to restart Linda-qt or Lindad) you will need to run the masternode stop to stop these masternodes
  • masternode isInit - returns boolean if masternode is enabled and capable of running
  • masternode kill - disables masternode. can be re-enable by running init command
  • Masternode tab performance improvement.

Thanks to @Tumba24

  • fixed the masternodes UI tab uses a lot of resources when it refreshes.
  • added sorting to the masternodes UI tab