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Summer work on mean-field inference at EPFL CVLab
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Meanfield learning.ipynb
Test mean field.ipynb

On Mean-Field inference and machine learning: the example of Sudoku.

Work done during the Summer 2017 internship at the CVLab - EPFL.

  • create a sudoku dataset, you can specify the size of the board, the number of examples and the difficulty of the dataset.
  • this script tests the discriminative power of a given CRF (not updated to version 2.0)
  • launches a bunch of experiments (not updated)
  • evaluates the quality of a learned CRF against a dataset, specifying the number of modes (in case of multi-modal mean-field).
  • some MF samples (not updated)
  • the core MF/MMMF inference library
  • uses the MMMF inference to learn the game of sudoku using a multi-modal gradient method.
  • some utility library in order to handle sudoku dataset.
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