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For pre-compiled binaries, please see the releases tab. Currently, all three major, desktop operating systems are supported: Linux, Windows, and OSX. If you are working on something other than a 64-bit, x86 platform, or an operating system not listed above, just open an issue under the issues tab and I will add a supported binary.

Usage: ftc_http [OPTION]... [FILE]
Provides an interface to FTC OnBotJava without being constrained to a browser.
Actions will be executed in the same order the OPTIONs are given.

  -v          Display this version of ftc_http
  -h          Display this help text

  -d [DEST]   Downloads the source tree from the robot controller and saves it
                to the location specified by DEST. If no DEST is given, it
                defaults to the current directory.
  -u [SRC]    Uploads .java files to the robot controller. SRC specifies the
                directory in which to search for the Java files. If no SRC is
                given, it defaults to the current directory.
  -b          Initiates a build on the robot controller and reports the build
                status and any errors back the the user.
  -w          Wipes all files from the robot controller. Be sure to run
                ftc_http with the -d option first if you wish to keep any of
                the files on the robot controller.

Please report any bugs here: https://github.com/TheLostLambda/ftc_http


To build ftc_http, be sure that you have cloned the repository on your computer and then run:

cargo build --release

If you do not have Rust / Cargo installed, please see rustup.rs.