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Automatically modelling and distilling knowledge within AI. In other words, summarise the arxiv firehose.
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Automatically modelling and distilling knowledge within AI. In other words, summarise the arxiv firehose. Map, categorise, quantify, qualify, filter, search, browse, reduce, digest, compress, summarise and model all knowledge within ML/DL/RL/AI/DS/CS/Stats. And, always for the community.

We are showing some of our results on

AI Distllery visualization section Server GitHub repo at ai-distillery-app

Number of arxiv papers released over time from 2014 Jan - November 2018

Num arxiv papers released over time 2014+


Please consider using a virtual environment as shown below. This way, the scripts won't pollute your global $PATH.

git clone
cd ai-distillery
virtualenv venv && source venv/bin/activate # STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
pip install -e .

The package will install a single executable distill. Distill can be invoked to apply latent semantic analysis, word2vec, doc2vec, and extracting named entities. Consolt distill -h for more information on the available subcommands.

Fetching data

We maintain a fork of Karpathy's Arxiv Sanity Preserver to harvest structured meta-data as well as full-text data from ArXiV.

We assume in the following that the data/db.p holds the database of structured metadata. The directory data/txt contains the raw <arxiv_Id>.pdf.txt full-text files.

For convenience we have registered our fork of arxiv-sanity-preserver as a submodule. To clone the submodule, issue the following command.

git submodule update --init

Then follow the guide by Karpathy to run the code.

Executing scripts

Please consult -h for more information on how to run one of the executables.

An example call to run LSA

An example call to compute 2-dimensional LSA (latent semantic analysis) vectors for the documents:

distill lsa data/txt/ -n 2 --annotate data/full_paper_id_to_title_dict.pkl -o data/embeddings/lsa-2.pkl

This call assumes that data/txt/ contains *.pdf.txt files. The -n arguments determines the number of components at which the singular value decomposition in LSA should truncate. This also determines the embedding dimension. The optional --annotate argument supplies a path to a pickled dict which maps identifiers (filenames without .pdf.txt) to titles for visualization. The output is stored in Ben format. A pickled dict of type {'labels': labels:list(str), 'embeddings': embeddings:numpy.ndarray } such that labels[i] corresponds to embeddings[i].


Make sure to install the aidistillery package by pip install -e . or python3 develop. This way, any changes take effect without the need to reinstall. We look forward to receiving your pull requests.

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