A humorous weather app for BlackBerry 10 with social media sharing and BBM connectivity.
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The Last Weather App

Copyright © 2013 by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg.

A humorous weather app for BlackBerry® 10 with social media sharing and BBM connectivity. The number 1 weather app for BlackBerry® 10. In it's current form, this code will only run on BlackBerry® 10 because it depends on the WebWorks framework for large parts of it's functionality.


This app contains many BlackBerry® specific features. Study the code and learn!

  • GPS geolocation
  • BBM Invite Friend
  • Invocation (Sharing)
  • On-the-fly image generation
  • Filesystem operations
  • Active Covers (view when app is minimized)
  • l10n / multi-language


This code contains various components with a few different license. I'm not a lawyer so if you find anything wrong please let me know and I'll make appropriate changes. My code is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0:


Some extra terms and conditions

This app is based on a concept screenshot I saw online one day. It was attributed to Tobias van Schneider. I have contacted him by email to let him know about this app and subsequently agreed with him that I will keep the app free, credit him for the original concept and don't port the app to iOS because he will launch his version on that platform himself.

While I can't stop anyone from using this code to create an iOS app (free or paid) and/or paid apps on BlackBerry® 10 or other platforms I strongly suggest that you don't. Being nice really goes a long way. If anyone wants to make a FREE port for a platform other than iOS then I suppose that's acceptable. However please DO give credit where credit's due. Especially to Tobias van Schneider.

I've decided to make this code Open Source so other BlackBerry® WebWorks developers can take a look at it and maybe learn something for their own apps.

Contact me

If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, please contact me at marcovhv - at - gmail.com.