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Successful submission for WWDC 2018 Student Scholarships
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LICENSE README and Licensing Apr 2, 2018


An educational Swift Playgrounds Book for iOS that demonstrates a simple implementation of Procedural Terrain Generation, using a small 2D world, made primarily with SpriteKit.

Using this method, it's possible to make games or scenes with virtually inifinite dimensions and variation. In this case, we start small, but these concepts are much the same even in worlds much larger, more complex, or with three dimensions.

Work through activities demonstrating how to define rules that will generate countless unique worlds, based on simple conditions.


This activity was created as a submission to--and was successful in--the WWDC 2018 Scholarships Program. It is maintained as an ongoing effort to share enthusiasm and educate others, in an attempt to demystify Procedural Generation.


Broken into five distinct activity pages, ProTeGen works through:

  • Introduction: initial representation of the world
  • Variety: non-uniformity in the terrain
  • Features: generating features based on position or certain conditions
  • Details: generating features based on other features
  • Beyond: ideas for future activities


This project is provided under the MIT License. Sound files are courtesy of Nikkö Barrera-Amaya, Articulated Sounds, Charlie Atanasyan, and RedSonic. Used with permission. For more information, see link. Image files and all visuals were made by the author.

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