French playing cards (for Poker) representation in SQL
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French playing cards (for Poker) representation in SQL

This repository contains a simple free SQL script for different RDMBS used to create and fill the playcard table which stores standard french playing cards (those used in Poker) and contains a full deck.


  1. Choose a script for a RDBMS of your choise
  2. Run it to create and populate the playcard table and the view vw_playcard which contains some more columns.
  3. Reference the rows of the table (which are the actual cards in the deck) with a foreign key from another table.
  4. Done.

P.S.: any contributions are more than welcome!


Probably the best way to understand what data types are stored for each card is to look at the CREATE TABLE query in the script or (better) by selecting the table and view (once created by running the script):

SELECT * FROM playcards;
SELECT * FROM vw_playcards;

Playable cards are represented in the playcards table. The columns are:

  • id: a (small|tiny) integer ∈ [0, 54], primary key;
  • value_(smallint|tinyint|integer): the card value (points) as an integer ∈ [1, 13];
  • value_text: the english name of the card value such as ace, king or eight;
  • value_symbol: the card value as the symbol usually displayed on the card such as A, K, 10 or 2
  • suit_symbol: the (black) unicode symbol of the suit: ♥♦♣♠
  • suit_text: the english name of the suit in plural such as hearts or spades
  • suit_color: the english name of the color of the suit, red or black
  • unicode_char: the unicode symbol of the whole card

Each row represents a card from the deck. There are 55 rows (cards) in it:

  • 52 cards for a full deck, 13 cards for each suit: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. id ∈ [1, 52];
  • 2 jokers: red and black. id ∈ [53, 54];
  • an additional spacial card called covered card or card back, used to represent a card with unknown value. id = 0.

A note for SQLite

Since not every SQLite database has foreign keys (FK) enabled (they are disabled by default), there are two versions of the same script:

  • one does not use FK and stores full strings in the table since SQLite has no ENUM types. It is much simpler and smaller (6,3 KiB) although a bit redundant and not in 2NF. When in doubt, use this one.
  • the second one uses FK instead of ENUM types. It's more complex to understand and you need to use the view vw_playcard to access joined data. It's also bigger (15.9 KiB) but it's in 2NF. I personally disourage its use for such a small table.


The suit and card symbols are Unicode characters so be sure to use UTF-8 (best) or other UTF-* encodings. On PostgreSQL and SQLite works by default, on MySQL even by setting the utf8 encoding does not work. You need the utf8mb4 encoding since the utf8 in MySQL does not support 4-byte characters. The script is already configured to use those, but double check if you experience any problems.


This sql-playcard repository and all its content is released under the terms of the BSD 3-clause license.