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Example usage

~/workspace$ git clone
~/workspace/linux$ cd linux
~/workspace/linux$ make clean
~/workspace/linux$ make tinyconfig
~/workspace/linux$ make KBUILD_VERBOSE=1 | tee build.log
~/workspace/linux$ git clone
~/workspace/linux$ cp linux-in-qtcreator/ .
~/workspace/linux$ chmod 755
~/workspace/linux$ ./ build.log linux
  • Open project in QtCreator. File -> Open File or Project -> ~/workspace/linux/linux.creator

Future improvements

This was just a proof of concept that has been hacked to get a first functionality working. Suggestions for improvements are welcome in both functional (Example. "It would be cool if it would auto set building kernel modules from Qt creator) as well as implementation wise (Example. "That's not how one uses pytest"). :)

This repository, is released under the MIT license.