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Node.js library for millikart payment processing system
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The project was archived and no longer being maintained!


This script may be used to accept MilliKart payments on your NodeJS backend simply



You can install the package using NPM or YARN package manager.

npm i millikart
# or via yarn
yarn add millikart

Initialize Library

Put your mid and secret as first and second argument there.

// ES6

const millikart = require('millikart')('mid-here', 'secret-here');

// ESNext

import { MilliKart } from 'millikart';
const millikart = new MilliKart('mid-here', 'secret-here');

Create Transaction

var response = await millikart.register()
    .setDescription('Just another item')


The response will be:

    "redirect": "https://...",
    "code": "0",
    "description": "OK"

944 is currency code (ISO 4217) for AZN. Full list of currency codes available here.

Amount is a floating point number

Available languages are: az, ru, en

Check Status of Transaction

var response = await millikart.status('unique-generated-reference').execute();


The response will be:

    "amount": "1000",
    "reimbursment": "0",
    "description": "OK",
    "currency": "944",
    "payment-description": "Just another item",
    "reference": "unique-generated-reference",
    "timestamp": "20130923113517",
    "xid": "57w0n8N24mAtMm+GAgYuHW0zuCk=",
    "rrn": "424715434469",
    "approval": "330002",
    "pan": "402865******810",
    "RC": "000",
    "code": "0"

Using Along With Express.js

You can handle callback using our library. Here's how to handle it.

app.get('/payment/callback', millikart.callback(function (status, data, req, res, next) {
    if (status) {
        // Payment successfully completed
    } else {
        // Payment failed


This script is created and maintained by Misir Jafarov and is not affiliated with "MilliKart, LLC".

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