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Bot that provides people with hugs!
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🤗 HugBot

A Discord bot providing guilds with the best hugs, pats, and tackle hugs!

🚀 Features

  • Tracking of all hugs, pats, etc, including:
    • Who sent the hug
    • Who received the hug
    • When the hug was sent
    • In the case of tackle hugs, whether they dodged or accepted it
  • Automatic detection of hugs/pats in chat
    • user @hug
    • *pats user*
  • Energy requirements for doing hugs, tackle hugs, etc
  • Ability to get amount of hugs

💡 Energy

Actions require energy to be performed. Users will get 1 energy for every message they send in a channel. Every minute, a user's energy will decrease by one.

Energy Requirments

This is how much energy each action takes to do

Action Energy required
Hug No energy needed
Tackle hug 10 energy
Pat No energy needed
Glomp 5 energy
Tickle 2 energy
Flirt No energy needed

⌨️ Commands

Command Syntax Example Help
?hug ?hug [user] ?hug @Góngo Sends a hug to someone!
?hugs ?hugs [user] ?hugs @Góngo Shows you how many hugs you've received
?glomp ?glomp [user] ?glomp @Góngo A softer form of tacklehug, but with all the love!
?glomps ?glomps [user] ?glomps @Góngo Shows you how many glomps you or someone else have received
?tickle ?tickle [user] ?tickle @Góngo Rain tickles upon an unsuspecting Discord user!
?tickles ?tickles [user] ?tickles @Góngo Shows you how much mayhem you or someone else have inflicted!
?pat ?pat [user] ?pat @Góngo Gives the person a nice pat!
?tacklehug ?tacklehug [user] ?tacklehug @Góngo Tackle hugs someone, but they are able to dodge/accept
?energy ?energy [user] ?energy @Góngo Shows you how much energy someone has, or yourself if noone is specified
?flirt ?flirt [user] ?flirt @Góngo Allows you to send some love to someone.

📙 License

Hug Bot is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3)!

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