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The bot is currently undergoing a public test phase. You can keep track of changes and fixes using the changelog.

This bot is the public version of RE-88, the bot used in r/SWTOR's Discord server as well as the Star Forge Discord. It contains some features RE-88 doesn't as well as some toned down versions of RE-88's features. It's developed with the intention of providing access to some of the powerful features RE-88 offers to the teams that use it as well as the communities it's featured in.

You can invite the bot using the following link.

To get started, you should begin by reading Server Configuration. Not setting up a server but want to know what M-3PO can do? Checkout the commands page.


These cover some general concepts used in this guide.

How do I mention channels?
You can mention a channel just as you would in another user in Discord, to do this rather than starting with @ to mention person, start with # and begin typing out the channel name. As you type, an auto-complete should be available.

How do I mention users not in the channel?
You do not actually need a user to be in a channel to mention them. You can force Discord to mention the user anyways by typing @Name#Tag. For example, I am Teddy#0001 and can be force mentioned by using @Teddy#0001. Don't worry, if they can't access the channel, they won't be notified or aware in anyway they've been mentioned.

Another way to do this, is get the ID of a user by following this guide. Once you have the id, in chat send <@ID>. For example, my ID is 98789613388177408 so I could be mentioned using <@98789613388177408>.

What is the best way to setup permissions for Staff after adding this bot?
Remove the permission Kick Members and Ban Members from your admins. Why? Discord's Kick Members persmission enables access to Prune which can mass remove members very easily, with no way to prevent abuse. The permission for kick and ban is reworked as Manage Roles and the bot itself will actually handle the kicking and banning. Don't worry, in the audit log reason the admin who issued a ban along with the reason will appear.


If you ever need assistance you can reach out to me on the Support Discord.

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