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An unofficial asynchronous .NET DuckDuckGo Instant Answer Web API wrapper
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This is a simple but yet powerful web API wrapper of the DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API.

Getting Started


DuckSharp targets .NET Standard 1.1 - so your project must be compatible with it. See Microsoft's guide on .NET Standard.


DuckSharp can be installed from NuGet.
You can install it from Visual Studio's userinterface, or from the package manager console:

PM> Install-Package TheMulti0.DuckSharp

Alternatively, you can use the .NET Core CLI:

> dotnet add package TheMulti0.DuckSharp

Basic Usage

The simplest way to get an instant answer from DuckDuckGo using DuckSharp is the following (the following examples do not implement the IDisposable interface of the client, please wrap the client with a using statement when using it):

await new DuckSharpClient().GetInstantAnswerAsync("Apple");

You can also get !bang redirect urls:

await new DuckSharpClient().GetBangRedirectAsync("!youtube Kanye West - Fade");

For the full documentation, be sure to checkout this project's wiki page!


This project is licensed under the MIT license


If any of you wants to contribute to this project, you can submit a pull request here, I promise that I'll review any pull request that will be submitted.
Please use my .dotsettings file and preserve Microsofts C# conventions and my coding style!

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