jewel: update blobs from 4.13.651.4 RUU #61

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CaptainThrowback commented Mar 4, 2014

Change-Id: Ib277b321312807ffec90c3e8f06b6071571c0aeb

CaptainThrowback and others added some commits Feb 28, 2014

jewel: update blobs from 4.13.651.3 RUU
Change-Id: Ib277b321312807ffec90c3e8f06b6071571c0aeb
m8: initial bringup
Change-Id: I9c9f35368299c1f2f9c6d5ab96ad2b16075c05af
m8: add missing camera props
* @h8rift y u remove mah blobz?

Change-Id: I04e959ea818993cf6f52818f57109c01b1786010
m8: fix blobs, one missing on accident, one missing on purpose
Change-Id: I0e1a8d77b5d49d54bf037acfeea2d0537265284b
m8-common: update blobs to GPE RUU. Add missing blobs and cleanup unu…

Change-Id: I9c01e0765d8968d7678c62f40a371833c08b5921
m8: update some missed gpe blobs.
Change-Id: I7bf459db8616113d6d112682416c0e28ec1742b7
gpe all the things
Change-Id: I3b67dff9dad874e0e3cc7d8d1110d6e88f72a631
m8: prima firmware moving out
Change-Id: I7e8a423811463c52365da3c542a1cb623b3419fb
m8: add a couple missing audio blobs
Change-Id: I676b8a3512f258b1be276eaf34886d20ce719c55
m8: add some audio blobs. Cleanup unused nfc blob.
Change-Id: I6b1e8dadae4056573eb3e01aab501545f61ff804
m8: use correct for working gps. derp.
Change-Id: Id1d8def4406ac4c92ddfb0b7df2a45d677c0781a
m8: add a bunch more camera blobs
Change-Id: If6e36f27acab2f401f169930a04f3222e6cc8032
m8: remove wcnss_service, we're building it now
Change-Id: I32ca3cc877ae237fa5c16e8d40e4c830f8060f43
m8: add libtuning camera blobs
Change-Id: I8dbc26995175dbfa0b2643b82b0ae526c5ea949f
m8: consolidate builds
Change-Id: I84a3e78254d69b8b740a6fb8b8ff0c4abd9c8e14
m8: regen blobs
Change-Id: Ib073901834e0019b00664594c422a0a41354afb2
m8: use gps blobs for now.
Change-Id: Ie2c6d1b59b0b3e40361f20316036e07002c81d69
jewel: update blobs from 4.13.651.3 RUU
Change-Id: Ib277b321312807ffec90c3e8f06b6071571c0aeb
jewel: updated file for 4.13.651.4
Change-Id: I0b8944840d9c92848f683322faa2d1c89828b02b
Merge branch 'cm-11.0' of…
…tary_vendor_htc into cm-11.0


Change-Id: I2b5bf9c9c36ed616462f94f20d5a3e9996e98640

@CaptainThrowback CaptainThrowback changed the title from jewel: update blobs from 4.13.651.3 RUU to jewel: update blobs from 4.13.651.4 RUU May 6, 2014


intervigilium commented May 6, 2014

Clean up your pull request please. This is including all of the m8 commits.

@CaptainThrowback CaptainThrowback deleted the CaptainThrowback:cm-11.0 branch May 6, 2014


CaptainThrowback commented May 6, 2014

New pull request initiated.

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