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pf log daemon for macOS
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pfloggerd Update main.c Apr 10, 2017


pf log daemon for macOS

pf is the built-in macOS packet filter, pfloggerd is a tool used to save pf logs to file in a human readable format. pfloggerd reads pf logs from pflog0 interface and saves it to /var/log/pffirewall.log. pfloggerd is part of Murus, a pf GUI front end for macOS. More info at

pfloggerd needs to be launched by root at system boot using a shell script that:

  • creates the pflog0 interface needed by pf
  • runs pfloggerd

For that purpose we provide an example boot script, it.murus.pfloggerd.plist. Copy this file to /Library/LaunchDaemons/ , set its ownership to root:wheel and permission to 644. Then copy pfloggerd binary to /usr/local/bin/ . Reboot your Mac to start pfloggerd.

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