A repository to facilitate easier collaboration of work in progress development for the Speech Dispatcher project.
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Speech Dispatcher

This repository is to facilitate the collaborative development of Speech Dispatcher. Development of work in progress functionality is done here, to allow community contributors to more easily contribute.

The master Speech Dispatcher development git repository can be found at git.freebsoft.org.

Work in progress branches

The below listed branches are being worked on. Once the functionality in a branch is considered complete, it will be merged into the master git repository, removed from this list, and deleted from this repository.


Contributions are welcome. Feel free to submit contributions either in the form of github merge requests, and patches/pull requests on the Speech Dispatcher mailing list. It is assumed that your github merge requests are against this repository. If posting to the mailing list, please clearly indicate which repository your request or patch is for.

Discussion about the above branches is encouraged, and should happen on the mailing list. Once a branch is considered as functionally complete, the patches from the branch in question will be posted to the mailing list, for final community review. Hopefully all the bigger bugs and gotchas will be dealt with already, but should something be missed, this will be another chance to fix it, before the functionality makes it into master.