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title: The Neon Project Onboarding app
description: |
Welcome to your new job position at 🎈The Neon Project🎈
We're very happy you wanted to join us, this app will help you with the onboarding
so you can be coding as soon as possible! 🚀
description_apps: First, please check you have all this applications installed, you'll need them soon enough. 😁
description_services: Please check you have access to all these services
description_footer: Thank you for using our onboarding app 🏆
fzf: Please check for installation
git: Configure and install git 📜 on Mac
code: You can install VS Code 👩🏽‍💻 from, but to use it via command line you also need to install
docker: Install Docker for Mac, you'll need it 🐳.
docker-compose: Install docker-compose to run your docker services all in one
gmail: Can you access your TNP mail account?
abstract: Abstract is Git for designers, so you'll need it to review the wireframes
jira: Here is where we plan, estimate and sprint all the projects
slack: Do you have access to Slack?, you know you can send gifs using `/giphy parrot` command right? 😎
github: Here there'll be 🐉
gitlab: We use Gitlab CI only, so we can debug our CI/CD platform and check why the build broke
codacy: Our Quality Code service, you need to Signup with your GitHub account, even if you don't use you The Neon Project there
factorial: Our HR service, you need to checkin and out here, you can select your holidays and download legal document such as Salary documents
heroku: We usually deploy to Heroku, a PaaS, when you need access to the project deployment, we'll give you access accordingly
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