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VMware Operations Guide Repository Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to provide guidance and documentation on how you can support the VMware Operations Guide project. Support can be through content contribution, localisation efforts, grammatical review, link fixes, anything really!

I want to contribute

If you have an idea of what you’d like to add, check out our list of Issues to see if an activity already exists that you can contribute towards. If your idea is new, you can fork the project, add your changes and submit a Pull Request. We will review the request in line with our Style Guide and overall Vision for the project. If we have any feedback we’ll let you know via the PR and work with you to include any recommendations. Once the PR is ready, we’ll merge it into the project under a new branch. If translations are required, we’ll engage our translation contributors to translate your new content into any supported languages.

I have an idea but can’t contribute

Not all readers are comfortable contributing, and that’s OK too. Maybe you have an idea for content you’d like to see added but can’t contribute it. Jump over to our Issues page and submit the idea as an enhancement. We’ll be happy to review it and flesh out the idea more with you. When the idea is ready, we’ll start looking for contributors to create it.