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GTA Remastered Controls Patch v2 fix

Put 'gta_remastered.prx' at 'ux0:pspemu/seplugins/gta_remastered.prx' and write this line to 'ux0:pspemu/seplugins/game.txt': 'ms0:/seplugins/gta_remastered.prx 1' (Without ')

Note that this patch does swap R and X for driving. Now you can accelerate with R and use handbrake with X. This way, the use of the right analog stick is cooler

Changelog v2 fix
- Fixed compatiblity with some GTA regions.

Changelog v2
- Changing invert look in options menu will now affect the right analog stick.
- Fixed bug where flying planes and helicopters didn't work, because the R trigger was both used for acceleration and rotation.
- Fixed bug where pressing L trigger for slow aiming didn't work.