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Retirement and New version announcement

This version of uEngine BPMS has been deprecated. Since we decided to change uEngine5's architecure as a MSA (micro-services architecture) for long-term roadmap (BPaaS and CSB roadmap), Only some part of this project is reused for new version. Go to the MSA version of uEngine5 for now:

Old documentation:


Sub modules

  • uengine-core is the process execution engine for uEngine-BPMS
  • bpmn-model is Java class model for BPMN 2.0 generated from JAXB and the bridges (adapter) for uenigne-core model
  • uengine-bpmn-modeler is a web based BPMN process modeler based on Metaworks3 and UMF (uEngine modeling framework)
  • uengine-modeling is the Uengine Modeling Framework (UMF), which is a pure-Java based graph modeling framework based on OpenGraph (
  • uengine-client-example shows how you can integrate with uEngine BPM and your project.

Building uEngine BPMS

Just type 'mvn install' after cloning this repo. that's it. if there are some failures in testing, please turn on skipping test option

mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Running uEngine BPMS

Installing database

install the database and change the database link in the configuration - in the /uengine-social-bpm-portal/main/resources/org/uengine/ like below:

 codi.jdbc.validationQuery=SELECT 1

change the codi.jdbc.url and the credentials with the database information you've installed.

And you will need to install default database schema, you can get the database DDL script here -

Running tomcat

 cd uengine-social-bpm-portal
 mvn tomcat7:run-war

and go to - localhost:8080/uengine-social-bpm-portal

The default user id and password is " / test"


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