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Building from Source on Linux

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Urho-OSP builds like any other Urho3D project. In case the procedures described here are not for you, refer to the Urho3D documentation:


Requires packages used by Urho3D:

1. Let's create and enter a new directory for OSP:

mkdir ~/OSP && cd ~/OSP

2. Clone urho-osp and the Urho3D game engine

git clone
git clone

3. Build and install Urho3D

cd Urho3D
cmake .
sudo make install

4. Copy CMake folder to the urho-osp cloned repository:

cp -r CMake ../urho-osp/CMake

5. Set the URHO3D_HOME environment variable in .bashrc:

echo 'export URHO3D_HOME="~/OSP/Urho3D"' >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

6. Build urho-osp:

cd ../urho-osp
cmake .

7. Mark as executable and run.

cd ../urho-osp/bin
chmod +x OSP
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