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Animated minimalist tab widget written from scratch for Qt

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Include it in your project

Copy the FlatTabWidget subdirectory from this repository into your project folder and add this to your qmake project file:


Use it in your code

#include <flattabwidget.h>
#include <QApplication>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication a(argc, argv);
    FlatTabWidget w;
    w.addPage("Page 1",new QWidget());
    w.addPage("Page 2",new QWidget());
    w.addPage("Page 3",new QWidget());;
    return a.exec();

Use it in the designer

To use it in the designer, you'll need to setup up a promoted widget. Refer to the Qt docs for further information. Enter these parameters in the input fields of the 'Promoted Widgets' dialog:

Base class name Promoted class name Header file Global include
QWidget FlatTabWidget flattabwidget.h true



Add tab

void addPage(QString title, QWidget *page = nullptr, int index = -1);

Adds a new page. By default, the page will be appended to the end of the page list unless index is set and greater or equal than 0. Parameter page is a reference to the widget which will be associated with the new tab.

Note: If you're using a custom tab content widget and FlatTabWidget is in detached mode, you can set that parameter to nullptr.

Remove tab

void removePage(int index);

Remove tab by index.

Get/set current tab

void setCurrentTab(int index);
int getCurrentTab();

Get or set the current shown tab.

Redraw widget

void redrawTabBar();
void repaintDivider();

Redraw tab-bar/divider widget. Useful if a new palette has not been applied correctly.

Get item/id by tab title

int getId(QString title) const;
FlatTabItem getItem(QString title) const;

Get index or tab-item by title

Note: FlatTabItem contains a reference to the animated label and the underlying widget provided by the user.

Get item by index

FlatTabItem getItem(int index) const;

Get tab-item by index

Redraw widget

void redrawTabBar();
void repaintDivider();

Redraw tab-bar/divider widget. Useful if a new palette has not been applied correctly.

Redraw widget

bool getAnimatePageChange() const;
void setAnimatePageChange(bool value);

Enable/disable fade animation when switching to another page


Set/get custom page container (QStackedWidget)

QStackedWidget* getCustomStackWidget();
void setCustomStackWidget(QStackedWidget* value);

Set a custom/external QStackedWidget to be used as a page container. The pages of the QStackedWidget will be fully managed by FlatTabWidget (add/remove pages and update the currently visible sub-widget) unless detached mode is enabled. In order to unset your custom container call the setter function like this:


Set/get detached mode (for custom containers)

bool getDetachCustomStackedWidget() const;
void setDetachCustomStackedWidget(bool value);

Set/get detachment state of the custom page container. This mode only takes effect when a custom QStackedWidget is used. If this is set to true, the tab widget will no longer add/remove pages to/from the stacked widget. It will only update the current page index. This is useful if you want to handle pages manually or if you want to use your own QStackedWidget with static pages directly in the designer.


void tabClicked(int index);

Signal is sent when the user clicks on one of the tab buttons. index describes the current index.

void scrolledUp();

Signal is sent when the user scrolls on the tab-bar up

void scrolledDown();

Signal is sent when the user scrolls on the tab-bar down


FlatTabWidget in action:


Bundled sample project:


Bundled sample project (dark):


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Animated minimalist tab widget for Qt







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