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It's alive!

@matatk matatk released this Feb 5, 2015 · 13 commits to master since this release

This is our first production release since moving the code to GitHub. We have made a number of changes, including the following.

  • Updated to latest Color Contrast Analyser: reports results to one decimal place and has a simpler reporting format.
  • Updated to latest aViewer to improve robustness.
  • Include the luminosity analyzer script to check color contrast ratios.
  • Check the page with Tenon.
  • Use latest W3C Validators (some of the previous validation/testing services have been removed).
  • ‘Show ARIA’ lists all elements with ARIA info in a new window.
  • Make ‘partial source’ more robust.
  • Fail gracefully when popup blocking is detected.
  • Bugfixes for many other scripts, particularly in relation to IE 10 and 11 compatibility.
  • The UI is now more consistent; the toolbar has only drop-down menus; no more menu-buttons (they were not present on every menu and caused the drop-downs to be hard to activate).
  • WAT tells you whether it’s running in 32- or 64-bit mode and what the installed version is.
  • Simpler build process using Inno Setup and a couple of batch files, to allow you to build 32-bit and 32-and-64-bit versions of WAT. It grabs the version number and puts it into the filename of the setup.exe file, for easy reference.
  • Removed development bottleneck caused by Translation.ini being seen by git as a binary, rather than a text, file.
  • Update documentation in accordance with the above changes.
  • Add some basic information on contributing to the repo.

Many thanks to those who've reported issues; please keep them coming! There's a lot more we want to do with the WAT, and we appreciate your help and support.