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Benchmark Shootout: Lua Bindings

A benchmarking many of the canonical/best/popular lua bindings for their performance and feature support, but mostly for their performance.

Current Contenders

The following bindings are benchmarked or are being aimed to be benchmarked. All are built on top of plain C:

  • Plain C (PUC-RIO Lua, 5.3.4)
  • sol1 (Rapptz, v1.1.0)
  • sol2 (ThePhD, v2.20.0)
  • sol3 (ThePhD, latest)
  • luabridge (Vinnie Falco, latest)
  • OOLua (LiamDevine, forked at v2.0.1 (latest) from elite-lang since website is down (May 1st, 2018))
  • Lua-Intf (Steve K. Chiu, latest)
  • Selene (Jeremy Ong, forked at latest + patches)
  • Kaguya (satoren, latest)
  • Luwra (Ole Krüger, latest)
  • lua-api-pp (OldFisher, latest + patches)
  • tolua++ (Ariel Manzur, Waldemar Celes, latest)
  • SWIG (Maintained by various, latest as of May 4th, 2018)
  • luawrapper (Tomaka, maintained by Bert Hubert, latest)
  • luacppinterface (David Siaw, latest)
  • luabind (Rasterbar, latest + patches)

"Can you Benchmark X?"

If you feel there is a binding that needs to be benchmarked, please either make a pull request for that library or make an issue request. Please note that I am not particularly thrilled to benchmark libraries that cannot compile on Visual C++'s/g++'s/clang++'s latest compiler versions and have had quite my fill of hacking older, unmaintained libraries to make them compile for recent compilers.

If the library you suggest has no documentation and fills my terminal with errors I am likely going to throw it out the window.

I want working, halfway decent libraries, not more things I need to make personal forks of in order for them to compile properly only to muck around in an undocumented mess. If you want something benchmarked, point me to some examples / documentation or just make a ready-made pull request. Follow any of the {library-name-here}.cpp files in the source folder to see an example. Some are hairy, so using sol2.cpp or sol3.cpp or plain_c.cpp as an example of what we are benchmark is a good idea to get you started.