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A collection of addons for that I've created or modified.
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repository.json Add-ons by ThePicklenat0r


These are a collection of add-ons for that I've either built myself or modified from another source to serve my needs. Add-ons found here are typically born out of my own needs, but I publish them here in case anyone else finds them useful.


I am not a professional developer and developing addons is a way for me to learn more about the development process. There is a lot of experimentation and learning on my part, particularly with GitHub Actions and CI/CD.


Add the repository url listed below to your Add-On Store tab in Home Assistant. Do not add individual add-on repositories, it will not work.


Please only open issues under each add-on's respective repository.

Thank you

A special thank you to everyone at Community Add-ons. Much of what I've done here is based on their work. I've learned a great deal about and the development process from their project and I really appreciate all of their work. Be sure to check out their repository of add-ons as well.

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