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The Command Line Ordering System

In this group project, you will be allowing a user to interact with a basic product ordering database via a command line interface.

Ordering System Interface

Main Menu

**  Welcome to Bangazon! Command Line Ordering System  **
1. Create a customer account
2. Choose active customer
3. Create a payment option
4. Add product to sell
5. Add product to shopping cart
6. Complete an order
7. Remove customer product
8. Update product information
9. Show stale products
10. Show customer revenue report
11. Show overall product popularity
12. Leave Bangazon!


You will create a series of prompts that will allow the user to create various types of data in your ordering system.

Using Scrum, we will iterate through the backlog of tickets in order to create a console app that accomplishes our business objectives. The backlog is not prioritized, and may need to be groomed in order to make tickets more workable. This should be done prior to planning. All coworkers should have commits, though its fine to work together on initial project set up.

For this project we will be using Feature Branches. Each ticket should have its own branch named after the ticket. All branches will be merged into Master after a pull request has been reviewed by a team member who was not assigned to the ticket.

Before beginning this project you will select a scrum master. This person will be responsible for running the ceremonies for the length of this project.

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