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Fix cache value from Lua graphics functions being ignored

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LBPHacker authored and jacob1 committed Mar 25, 2017
1 parent e712a8d commit 3fbfb83b0ef091e4e9798739e01fb77e3783abdb
Showing with 13 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +13 −1 src/graphics/Renderer.cpp
@@ -1287,7 +1287,19 @@ void Renderer::render_parts()
#if !defined(RENDERER) && defined(LUACONSOLE)
if (lua_gr_func[t])
luacon_graphicsReplacement(this, &(sim->parts[i]), nx, ny, &pixel_mode, &cola, &colr, &colg, &colb, &firea, &firer, &fireg, &fireb, i);
if (luacon_graphicsReplacement(this, &(sim->parts[i]), nx, ny, &pixel_mode, &cola, &colr, &colg, &colb, &firea, &firer, &fireg, &fireb, i))
graphicscache[t].isready = 1;
graphicscache[t].pixel_mode = pixel_mode;
graphicscache[t].cola = cola;
graphicscache[t].colr = colr;
graphicscache[t].colg = colg;
graphicscache[t].colb = colb;
graphicscache[t].firea = firea;
graphicscache[t].firer = firer;
graphicscache[t].fireg = fireg;
graphicscache[t].fireb = fireb;
else if ((*(elements[t].Graphics))(this, &(sim->parts[i]), nx, ny, &pixel_mode, &cola, &colr, &colg, &colb, &firea, &firer, &fireg, &fireb)) //That's a lot of args, a struct might be better

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