Written in C++ and using SDL, The Powder Toy is a desktop version of the classic 'falling sand' physics sandbox, it simulates air pressure and velocity as well as heat.
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The Powder Toy - October 2011

Get latest version here:  http://powdertoy.co.uk/Download.html

To use online features such as saving, you need to register at: http://powdertoy.co.uk/Register.html



Stanislaw K Skowronek - Designed the original
Simon Robertshaw
Skresanov Savely
Bryan Hoyle
Nathan Cousins
Lieuwe Mosch
Anthony Boot
Matthew Miller



Click on the elements with the mouse and draw in the field, like in MS Paint. The rest of the game is learning what happens next.



Caps Lock 	Specific Element Erase
Insert 		Replace mode
TAB 		Circle/Square Brush
Space 		Pause
Q 		Quit
Esc 		Quit
Z 		Zoom
S 		Save stamp (+ Ctrl when STK2 is out)
L 		Load last saved stamp
K 		Stamp library
C 		Cycle view mode
1-9 		Set view mode
P 		Save screenshot to .ppm
F 		Pause and go to next frame
G 		Grid
H 		Show/Hide HUD
D 		Debug mode (+ Shift when STK2 is out)
I 		Invert Pressure and Velocity map
T 		Vine mode
W 		Toggle gravity modes (+ Ctrl when STK2 is out)
R 		Reset LIFE generation (when in Debug mode)
N		"Sand effect" for drawing powders
~ 		Console
= 		Reset pressure and velocity map
[ 		Decrase brush size
] 		Increase brush size 

Ctrl + C/V/X 		Copy/Paste/Cut
Ctrl + Z 		Undo
Ctrl + Cursor drag 	Rectangle
Shift + Cursor drag 	Line
MMB / Alt + LMB click 	Sample element
Mouse scroll 		Change brush size
Ctrl + Mouse scroll 	Change vertical brush size
Shift + Mouse scroll 	Change horizontal brush size
Shift + Ctrl + R 	Horizontal mirror for selected area
Ctrl + R 		Rotate selected area counterclockwise
Ctrl + Left Alt	Select subject for Specific Element erase
Ctrl + = 		Reset Electricity 

Command Line:


scale:1 - Normal window resolution
scale:2 - Doubled window resolution
kiosk -   Fullscreen mode
proxy:<server>:<port> (ie, proxy:wwwcache.lancs.ac.uk:8080)
open <file> - Opens the file as a stamp or game save
ddir <directory> - Directory used for saving stamps and preferences



*  Version 65.4
      o "Sand" effect for drawing powders, activate with "N"
      o Elements from Maksprog's mod
              o LIGH - Lightning
              o DEST - Variation of BOMB
              o TESC - Tesla coil, creates lightning
              o EMP - Destroys electronic components
      o Fix bug with infinite temperature
      o Fix beta enrolling
      o Add a new mode to filter, subtract (tmp of 3)
*  Version 47.3
      o Enhanced visual effects for Portals
      o Glow now has more stimuli (Green: Pressure, Blue: Movement, Red: Heat)
      o Python console (Unavailable in current beta)
      o Fixed issue where you appear to be logged in but aren't.
      o Changes to Quartz (Grows like crystal when exposed to salt water)
      o Singularity explodes upon death
      o Save ID shown after saving and on Open Dialog
      o Rearrangement of some elements (Photons in Radioactive, Thunder in Explosive, etc)
*  Version 46.3
      o Major game engine and performance improvements.
      o New GOL elements.
      o More secure login system
* Version 45.2
      o Important! Fix for Auto-update in Linux.
* Version 45.1
      o Small bugfix for Lava and Portals.
      o Fix crash when 2 of the same stickman are somehow placed.
* Version 45.0
      o Fix bug where description would persist after a reset
      o ARAY now passes through INWR without interracting.
      o INST has been fixed and placed in the Electronics menu
      o Photons turn into neutrons when passing through INVS
      o Other small bug fixes.
* Version 44.7
      o Fix login and dialoq text box issues.
      o Small bugfixes to some elements.
      o Additional 'debug' information.
      o Increase WIFI channels
      o Add missing icons for menus and display modes.
* Version 44.6
      o Fix for brush issues when using small brushes.
      o Pause state saving modifications.
* Version 44.5
      o Fix corruption issues with FAN wall.
* Version 44.4
      o Many new elements from cracker64s mod.
      o Pause state is saved.
      o Particle properties are saved more accurately.
      o Improved search and save viewing, added descriptions and comments.
* Version 42.3
      o Changed internal temperature scale to kelvin.
      o Fixed physics bug with certain powders.
      o Fixed bug when loading saves with stickman in.
      o Added save history, the ability to view previous versions of saves.
* Version 42.0
      o New Elements: Brick, Glow, Diesel, many others.
      o Source code seperation
      o Lots of other stuff that I can't remember.
* Version 41.3
      o Fixes bug where Insulation would burst into flames randomly
      o Moves fancy new effects into a separate colour mode.
* Version 39.0
      o New element: Liquid Crystal
      o New element: Battery
      o New element: Noble Gas
      o Copy, cut and paste
* Version 38.0
      o New element: Nitrogen Ice
      o New element: Electrode (Allows currents to jump)
      o Adds a lock icon to private saves.
      o Binds the '[' and ']' keys to decrease/increase the cursor size for those without scroll wheels.
      o Fixes wall menu issue where walls would be selected by accident.
* Version 37.0
      o New element: Plasma
      o New element: Thunder/Lighting
      o New wall: Allows only gas
      o Fixes HUD bug.
* Version 36.3
      o Introduced public & private saving (more info here)
* Version 36.2
      o Fixes bug where rating would appear as Zero in search.
* Version 36.1
      o Feature: Particle sampling with middle click
      o Feature: Download from website, for information, see the "Announcement" forum section.
* Version 36.0
      o Changes to the menu
      o New elements for electronics
      o New voting system
      o Added functions for moderating
* Version 35.0
      o Added elements: White Hole, Black Hole, Rubidium and Liquid Rubidium
      o Fixed the OSX version
      o Some other bug fixes that I forgot.
* Version 34.0
      o Fixed certain graphical glitches
      o Changed menu categories
      o Increased menu hover size
* Version 33.2
      o Photons can now ignite flammable materials.
      o Distilled water will turn into water on contact with water.
      o Fixes burning broken metal
* Version 34.0 (Beta 6)
      o New element menu layout
      o New element: Liquid Nitrogen
* Version 34.0 (Beta 5)
      o Improvements to stamp browser
      o Added Glyphs for Blob and Heat view
      o Fixed bug that caused a crash on Windows systems when using the wall tool in the window edges.(Fixed more than last time)
      o Decreased/Increased Min/Max Temperatures.
* Version 34.0 (Beta 4)
      o Cool, heat and Air no longer crash upon flood fill
      o Fixed bug that caused a crash on Windows systems when using the wall tool in the window edges.
      o Stamp browser now allows multiple pages.
      o Improved the zoom features, allowing inspection.
      o Modification to temperature simulation, pressure is now taken into account with transitions from liquid to gas and vice-versa
      o Fixed bug where Salt-water would not leave salt upon evaporation
* Version 34.0 (Beta 3)
      o Bug fixes for uranium
      o Fixed bug where extremely hot objects would show as black
      o Fixed but where stamps would not be loaded
* Version 34.0 (Beta 2)
      o Bug fixes
      o Legacy Mode state is now saved and loaded
      o Fix "Cool" and "Heat" when drawing on walls.
      o Air now works.
* Version 34.0 (Beta 1)
      o Bug fixes
      o Legacy Mode (Older saves will load with legacy mode, preserving the functionality of the older powder toy)
      o Heat and Cool elements. (Air is broken until next beta.)
* Version 34.0 (Beta)
      o Heat Simulation (With free bugs and glitches)
      o New Element: Uranium, heats up when pressurised.
      o New button, AIR, provides instant air, the Alt+Click and Middle Click can be used as a shortcut
* Version 33.1
      o Masses of bug fixes
      o Broken metal and breakable metal fixed (conduction)
      o Liquid collisions fixed.
* Version 33.0
      o Added Photons, particles similar to neutrons that travel in straight lines
      o Added destructable metal
      o Fixed a glitch with diamond that would make it appear invisible to air pressure.
* Version 32.0
      o Added Diamond (Thanks to ief014)
      o Fixed packaging errors for the Windows release
* Version 31.0
      o Plutonium more powerful
      o Changes to the handling of lava (Now solidifies into the same material it was melted from).
      o New element: Salt.
      o New element: Salt water
* Version 30.0
      o Added the ability to change the zoom strength
      o Increased the maximum pen size.
      o New element: Concrete, tougher than stone, stackable.
      o New element: Distilled water, similar to water, but doesn't conduct electricity
      o Changed menu layout, walls at the bottom, elements at the top (to allow for more future elements)
      o 32bit colour for Macintosh versions.
* Version 28.4
      o Fixes crash when loading a save with acid.
      o Another tiny change for acid colour in blob mode
* Version 28.3
      o Fixes acid colour in blob mode
      o Fixes blob mode colour on Macintosh and 16bit colour systems
* Version 28.2
      o Quit confirmation dialogue when using the escape key
      o Walls are "blobbed" in Blob view
* Version 28.1
      o Steam rises
      o Acid drastically changed, now dilutes itself when dissolving other particles
* Version 28.0
      o "Yellow wall" bug fix, doesn't absorb particles when placed above another wall type.
      o New wall type added: E-Hole, absorbs particles when unpowered, released them when powered.